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Teams Channel creation using flow, does not create SharePoint folder



I build a flow that creates a channel in a given Microsoft Teams team. That works all fine. 

After channel creation I look at the SharePoint library and could not see the channel folder.

But after I clicked the files-tab in Teams, the folder is created ...


Has anybody some thoughts on this?


I would need the folder as I would like to copy a folder structure into the channel folder using flow.


thanks in advance 





Hi @JimmyWork thanks for the reply.  I guess the part I am missing is where do you create the new folder if the site does not exist to create it in?


I am 

  1. creating a new team  (Test Team)
    1. which creates
  2. creating a new private channel (Private Channel)
    1. which should create
    2. but does not.

You are suggesting I create a folder at this point to trigger the sync using SharePoint create folder?

Like this?  Am I doing this at the right place?


Screenshot 2021-02-10 134450.png


Yes exactly like you say. But when you create the folder it should trigger the sync. It should work for private channels as well


I actually ended up talking to Vesa Nopanen a MS MVP and described the issue.


If it still does not work for private channel you can do as i did from the start.
User orders a Team with private channels. I send out an email saying your team is ready please click this link, the link opens up the private channel and it will say we are getting things ready for you check back soon again. That triggers the provisioning also. I then have a wait for respond in the flow that activates when the user clicks the link and then it starts adding the folder structure and users to the private channel as it is now available.

Now i have not checked this out in a while for private channel but if i remember correctly you can use Graph API to retrieve the channels Drive ID, with the drive id you can create file to the drive ID, this also triggers the channel creation.


I dont have my flow available anymore as the solution was not needed but the issue is the provisioning of the new channel site. It works for normal channels and i raised the issue for 1 year ago i believe.

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In the meantime, does anyone have a solution for generating the private channel SharePoint site?

The workaround with creating the folder of the same name to trigger the creation of the SharePoint site does not work reliably. Quite randomly the flow sometimes runs successfully, sometimes it stops because the site doesn't exist yet.


Any help is appreciated.

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My  solution is to script it so, that the channel folder is created first. And then the subfolders And then at last create the channel. The channel creating function does not mind that the channel folder is allready there.

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Hi @Jooster 

Interesting. Do you mind sharing an example of this script? Or a few screenshots of your flow?

Helper I
Helper I

Sorry to open an old thread, but I'm experiencing the same issue.  Does anyone have an example of creating the folder structure first (before the Channel)?  I tried to move my create folder up in flow but it still failed with a 404.

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Unfortunately, we have not found a solution either. Would still be interested in a solution that works reliably.

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