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The body of the email is blank in the edit mode

Hi everyone,

I have a flow that sends an email after a form is filled by a user. Everything is working good, but now I need to change the content of the body of the email. The problem is that when I enter the edit mode the part of the body of the email is completely empty, as if there was nothing, but there is actually something. In fact, when users are answering the form, the email is sent and the body is there as it is supposed to be. Does someone know how to have the body of the email back, to be able to edit it in a normal way?

The only way I can fix that right now is to create all the body of the email again, but that would take me a very long time and I would need to repeat that process every time I wanted to change anything in the body of the email, so it is not an option.

Other information:

- I am using Send an email (V2)

- I am using Microsoft Edge




Community Champion
Community Champion

It does look like the content was delete, written over or not saved.

Try making a new copy of the flow:



(1) Go to the Flow Details screen


(2) Turn off the current flow

(2) Us Save As to save a new copy of the flow

(3) Check the Send Mail Action. If it's OK, turn on the flow.



Frequent Visitor

Hi Karim,


I tried with your suggestion, but I am still having the same problem. Any other ideas?



Community Champion
Community Champion

All I can suggest is switching the mode to HTML and check if there is any content there.


But it does seem that the email body is really empty due to the hint text "Specify the body of the email".

If you need to construct the body of the email again, is there anything in the run history that you could use to help with the task?


When an email body is going to be complex I usually construct the it using variables or compose action, or a combination of the two, then I insert them into the body@



Frequent Visitor

That did not work, but thank you for trying 😞


Does anyone have other suggestions?

Helper II
Helper II


I have the exact same problem, nothing in the body when edit the flow, but when it runs the mail is sent with body.

As I have multiple flows with multiple mails in it, this is a huge problem.  Anyone who can explain why this happened or has a solution, would be much appreciated!



Frequent Visitor


I still did not get a solution to this. So yes, it would be great if someone could come up with an answer/solution to this!

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