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Time Out Trigger

Well, my previous post with a "solution", I spoke to soon.


I found a challenge I can't figure out how to overcome.  I have a progressive approval flow:


                                                        Start approval 1 (with 24hour Time Out)
                                                                     If Start and approval 1 times out
                                                                         Start an approval 2
                                                               (with a "you're getting this after 24 hours" letter)
                                                       Update Sharepoint list item with approval 2 response
I can't get to...................
                                                        If Start approval 1 (with 24hour Time Out) is successful
                                      |                                                                                                 |
                               Approved                                                                                Disapproved
Update Sharpoint list item w/ approval 1 response                           Update Sharepoint list item w/ approval 1 response
                     Start an approval 3

              (with standard approval process letter)

Update Sharepoint list item w/ approval 3 response      

If I make a condition for run after the Update Sharepoint List with approval 2,  the "run after" condition can only be based on the prior step which is "Update Sharepoint List item." I need it to be based off the If Approval 1 is successful, then...


If I say (in that place) run after the prior step is completed, it sends the standard approval letter to the same person who just approved the 24 hour letter. If I say (in that place) skip if the prior step is completed, it loops.


I had it working, until I realized I wasn't getting the updated responses. The minute I added the step to update the sharepoint list, the whole thing broke down.


Help. And please, I don't understand all the logic technology lingo y'all can use. I need it explained very basically.


I hope I did an adequate job explaining my challenge. I guess I don't understand why the argument has to be fixed in the condition, why can't the user tell the flow what the run after condition is based upon.

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Re: Time Out Trigger

@Anonymous, try parallel branch for the approval and updating the item in SP List. In this case, the second Approval step still depends on first Approval if its timeout. 


Parallel action - Update.PNG 

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Re: Time Out Trigger

So in your parallel branch, are you updating the “Second Approver, You’re getting this email because one timed out” response? Or are you updating the first approval which didn’t time out, after which I would send to the second approver?

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