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Transfer pdf file to another tenant using http-post

Hi everyone


I am trying to transfer a pdf file from SharePoint Tenant A to SharePoint Tenant B but there seems to be a problem with the Base64 encoding and decoding. After I decode the file content some letters changed and the file is just one or more white pages.


I tried to transfer the file without encoding but it is the same problem.

Here is some of the pdf-content:


After encoding and decoding it is: 


Is there a trick I could use to transfer the file? I don't want to send it via email because I want to transfer some structured meta data from the workflow as well.


I am thankfull for any idea you have 🙂


Best regards


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Since you don't show your workflow, so this could vary.


  • After your trigger condition, which I assume is probably when a file is created, add a Get file properties action and set the ID value to the value of the file in the trigger.
  • After the Get file properties action add a Get file content action and set the identifier value to what is returned from Get file properties.
  • Next, add a Create file action with the filename from the Get file properties and the file content being the content from the Get file content action. Your workflow will look like this:


Although, if you want to move the file rather than make a copy of it, just use the Move file action.


You will still need to use the Get file properties to get the identifier, but you will replace the Get file content and Create file actions with the Move file action.

Hi David,

thanks for your answer.

I need to transfer the file to another tenant, so I cannot create the file within the same flow. I take the file content and put it in a http-request and in the other tenant I start the flow with "When a http-request is received". But unfortunately the file content changed during the encoding/ decoding and the new file is empty.


So my question is how to encode and decode the file content for the transfer.


Best regards


Sorry, I don't have any experience with that...

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