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Trigger a mail when "files in a sharepoint folder was not created or modified" within 24 hrs

Hi There:


How should I create a flow to act the process as title?
I would like to use the sharepoint document folder as a backup space.

Thank you very much.

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @Jerry5209 

If I am picking you up correctly you are likely going to want to start with a "Recurrence" trigger which runs at a time that suits you. Maybe every 24 hours. You will then want to use one of the "Get File*" SharePoint actions to do a comparison on the lastModifiedDate I would expect to see if it hadn't changed in the last 24 hours.

To check if a file "wan't created", if you knew the propsed name of that file I guess you'd need to query the list for it's name to see if it existed or not.

The results of any of the above can then use the send email action.

Give it a go, if you get stuck ... Post pictures of your Flow so we can see where you're at and we can go from there.

Thanks, Alan

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Hi @AlanPs1 :


Thank you very much for the idea, please refer my setting as below.

I check the folder regularly and compare by "LastModified" and function "utcNow()".

But I got an email "was not updated" even I modify the folder before testing.


The problem sould be the comparison point but I don't know how to set‧

I got the contents from differnet function as below, please help having a look below, thank you very much.


LastModified from "Get folder metadata": 0001-01-01T00:00:00

LastModified from "List root folder": 0001-01-01T00:00:00

utcNow(): 2019-02-25T06:11:38.0043799Z











Hi @Jerry5209 ,


I did a test on my side and using Get folder metadata doesn't seem to fulfill your needs.

You could refer to the following method to configure your Flow.

The key point is to check if the files contained in the specified folder are newly created or have been modified.

  • Use Get files action to get all the files in the library first, then configure Filter array to filter out the files in the specified folder.
  • Initialize variables to record the number of newly created/modified files.
  • Configure Condition to check if Modified and Created are within the specified time period. If the condition is met, it means that the file is newly created within 24 hours, or the file is changed.

Expression reference:


Modified configuration is similar to Created, just need to change Created to Modified.

  • If the condition is met, let the variable increase by one.
  • Finally, determine if the value of the variable is equal to 0. If it is equal to 0, there is no update in this folder.

Image reference:


Please take a try.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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Hi Barry @v-bacao-msft:


Thank you very much.

I met a "Input" issue in the condition which insite the "apply to each", the "'Apply_to_each'" was not defined.

I don't know very well on coding so I guess there're typo in this step, could you please help to check my settings below?5.jpg 

Hi @Jerry5209 ,


It seems that the language you set is Chinese, so Apply to each should be replaced with the name of your corresponding Control, for example, the name of my control is Apply to each.

So Expression is "items('Apply_to_each')['Created']”, note that spaces are replaced with “_”.


The easier way is to set your language to English first, then you could configure the same Flow according to the screenshots I provided.

Please take a try.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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Hi Barry @v-bacao-msft :


Thank you very much, there're no error for save the flow now but I got the count as "o" all the time.

1. No matter I configure the path with slash "/" or backslash "\". 



2. The folder was modified manually today (26th-Feb, Taipei time zone) but the date was not correct as below.

utcNow('yyyy-MM-ddT08:00:00Z'): 2019-02-26T08:00:00Z

addDays(utcNow(),-1,'yyyy-MM-ddT08:00:00Z'): 2019-02-25T08:00:00Z


3. I correct the expression to Chinese as below already, and also trid to replace the wording for ['Created'] and ['Modified']

a) items('套用至各項')['Created']

b) items('套用至各項')['Modified']

c) items('套用至各項')['建立']:

d) items('套用至各項')['修改']:


PS. How could I change my flow's language?

Image 1.jpgImage 2.jpg

Hi @Jerry5209 ,


First question:

I guess it is missing a "/" at the end.

You could try to get the folder path of a file in the specified folder by using Get file properties action.


The Id value can be obtained by showing the ID column in SharePoint.


Second question:

Due to the time zone, there will be a time difference when the time recorded in SharePoint is output in MS Flow.

You could try using addHours() function to eliminate the time difference.



For the second parameter, please be patient and do some tests to see what the time difference is. I just give an example here.


The third question:

It seems that the Expression you are using is correct, just make sure that items() contain the name of the corresponding Control.

Also for changing the language, you could click Settings to set it up.


Please take a try.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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Hi Barry @v-bacao-msft :


Thank you very much, how come I could not incert images today.

I don't know how to show the ID column in Sharepoint but I add a "path" Dynamic in sending mail and I got the paths, the path modified in the array as below.

Shared Documents/ATE Backup/ATE8/ Test Data/test/


I got a lot of mail which the files paths was similer as my setting, included

a. Share Documents/

b. Share Documents/ATE Backup/

c. Share Documents/ATE Backup/ATE8/

d. Shared Documents/ATE Backup/ATE8/ Test Data/

e. Shared Documents/ATE Backup/ATE8/ Test Data/Final-Test/

f. Shared Documents/ATE Backup/ATE8/ Test Data/Pre-Test/


There're thousands files under the paths, my questions is ;

1. I did not got all folders/files feedback, just around 100 mails.

2. There's no a mail from the path that I configured, and I did add this folder with a file inside today.
(There's a mail will been send out once the count was not zero, but there's no related mails sent out)

The "count" was always "zero".

3. Is it passible just receive 1 mail for the check?


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