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Trouble with Lookups in sharepoint/flow



I am trying to create a flow to copy a "Project Code" in plain text from a Control list to 2 other lists that use lookups to look at the control list "Project Code". The lookups will pull 3 other fields in corresponding to the "Project Code". The 2 lists in flow will only accept ID's for the lookup fields, and although itI pulls the correct ID when the flow runs, the value it returns for the "Project Code" is always null. 


Any advice would be much appreciated, 



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Re: Trouble with Lookups in sharepoint/flow

Query the list you are trying to save into via flow Get Item for example and see the construct of what is returned in the field value.


This will be what you will need to pass in to the field when setting it.

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Re: Trouble with Lookups in sharepoint/flow

Hi @MattEvs , 


When dealing with information like lookups and choice lists in Flow there is more than one type of data that comes back for a valid choice.  As you mentioned, there is a difference between the ID and the Value in the Project Code.  Sometimes this gets tricky to use when internal names are different than you expect, or an additional key value pair exists for a valid choice.


Create a test Flow or add the "Get Items" action in your existing Flow and then run that against your data.  After it runs, open the run instance and find the Get Items action.  You should see a body of information returned which you can look through to see what Flow thinks the ID/Value pairs actually are.  


Take care!



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Re: Trouble with Lookups in sharepoint/flow



Thanks for the reply, I have added a get items part previously, which returns the data correctly eg, 

"New_x0020_Project_x0020_Code": "TESTPROG01",
"New_x0020_Project_x0020_Title": "test",
"New_x0020_Project_x0020_Category": "test/test/test1",
The issue is, when I go to create a new item in the other 3 lists which have a lookup that points at the data ( which the get item just got from), the Project code field is called Project Code ID and only has ID's in the dynamic content area. There is no Project Code ID in the lists so I assume this is flow trying to match the Sharepoint ID's between the lookup and the master list the lookup is pointing at. How do I get it to either, Allow me to directly enter the right Project Code into the field OR make the ID actually return a the correct values? As currently the correct ID gets pulled, but not values come with it, they are all null.

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