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Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Trying to Parse XML from US Treasury

I have this xml from the us treasury that I am trying to parse out via xpath. I've tried numerous iterations of xpath values, and they all return the empty brackets. []


I tried using this as the xpath expression and it almost works, but how do I now get down to the "d" elements to extract their values?



I tried adding the following to the end and they didn't work. 

1. /*[local-name()=''m:properties'']

2. /*[local-name()=''m:''] 

output converted to a string



<content type="application/xml" xmlns="">
  <m:properties xmlns:m="">
    <d:Id m:type="Edm.Int32" xmlns:d="">8041</d:Id>
    <d:NEW_DATE m:type="Edm.DateTime" xmlns:d="">2022-02-16T00:00:00</d:NEW_DATE>
    <d:BC_1MONTH m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">0.03</d:BC_1MONTH>
    <d:BC_2MONTH m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">0.17</d:BC_2MONTH>
    <d:BC_3MONTH m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">0.38</d:BC_3MONTH>
    <d:BC_6MONTH m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">0.67</d:BC_6MONTH>
    <d:BC_1YEAR m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">1.09</d:BC_1YEAR>
    <d:BC_2YEAR m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">1.52</d:BC_2YEAR>
    <d:BC_3YEAR m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">1.75</d:BC_3YEAR>
    <d:BC_5YEAR m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">1.90</d:BC_5YEAR>
    <d:BC_7YEAR m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">2.00</d:BC_7YEAR>
    <d:BC_10YEAR m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">2.03</d:BC_10YEAR>
    <d:BC_20YEAR m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">2.39</d:BC_20YEAR>
    <d:BC_30YEAR m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">2.34</d:BC_30YEAR>
    <d:BC_30YEARDISPLAY m:type="Edm.Double" xmlns:d="">2.34</d:BC_30YEARDISPLAY>




Original XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<feed xml:base="" xmlns:d="" xmlns:m="" xmlns=""> 
<title type="text">DailyTreasuryYieldCurveRateData</title>
<link rel="self" title="DailyTreasuryYieldCurveRateData" href="DailyTreasuryYieldCurveRateData"/>
<title type="text"></title>
<author><name /></author>
<link rel="edit" title="DailyTreasuryYieldCurveRateDatum" href="/resource-center/data-chart-center/interest-rates/pages/xml-item?data=daily_treasury_yield_curve&amp;id=8041" />
<category term="TreasuryDataWarehouseModel.DailyTreasuryYieldCurveRateDatum" scheme="" />
<content type="application/xml">
<d:Id m:type="Edm.Int32">8041</d:Id>
<d:NEW_DATE m:type="Edm.DateTime">2022-02-16T00:00:00</d:NEW_DATE>
<d:BC_1MONTH m:type="Edm.Double">0.03</d:BC_1MONTH>
<d:BC_2MONTH m:type="Edm.Double">0.17</d:BC_2MONTH>
<d:BC_3MONTH m:type="Edm.Double">0.38</d:BC_3MONTH>
<d:BC_6MONTH m:type="Edm.Double">0.67</d:BC_6MONTH>
<d:BC_1YEAR m:type="Edm.Double">1.09</d:BC_1YEAR>
<d:BC_2YEAR m:type="Edm.Double">1.52</d:BC_2YEAR>
<d:BC_3YEAR m:type="Edm.Double">1.75</d:BC_3YEAR>
<d:BC_5YEAR m:type="Edm.Double">1.90</d:BC_5YEAR>
<d:BC_7YEAR m:type="Edm.Double">2.00</d:BC_7YEAR>
<d:BC_10YEAR m:type="Edm.Double">2.03</d:BC_10YEAR>
<d:BC_20YEAR m:type="Edm.Double">2.39</d:BC_20YEAR>
<d:BC_30YEAR m:type="Edm.Double">2.34</d:BC_30YEAR>
<d:BC_30YEARDISPLAY m:type="Edm.Double">2.34</d:BC_30YEARDISPLAY>



Accepted Solutions
Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @srduval ,


Use the following expressions if you are intending to extract text out of each node in "d" :


xpath(xml(outputs('Compose')), '//*[local-name()="properties"]/*[local-name()]/text()')



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Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @srduval ,


Use the following expressions if you are intending to extract text out of each node in "d" :


xpath(xml(outputs('Compose')), '//*[local-name()="properties"]/*[local-name()]/text()')



Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

I was able to update it to work with what you provided thank you! Follow-up question, is there a way to include the attribute name "BC_10YEAR" from the element tag <d:BC_10YEAR" m:type="Edm.Double">

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