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Twitter Advanced Search

I'm hoping someone can help me with this as I'm new to Flow. My niece and nephew are still playing Pokémon Go. They are doing really well and only have a few more to catch.
There are 4 twitter feeds in their area that post about Pokémon. I already figured out the search syntax in Twitters advanced search to filter and display only the Pokémon they are looking for, that part was very easy.
Chansey OR Hitmonchan OR Lapras from:PoGoHROceanfron
Chansey OR Hitmonchan OR Lapras from:PoGoHROceanview
Chansey OR Hitmonchan OR Lapras from:PoGoHRDTNorfolk
Chansey OR Hitmonchan OR Lapras from:PoGoHRGreenbrie
I was hoping to use the Flow template Twitter to Push notification (Get a push notification on tweet with a certain keyword), however I’m having issues figure out how that template can use the Twitter advanced search syntax. I’m assuming this would require me to create 4 Flows, once I figured out the first the rest should be easy.
Could someone explain how to fill in the template using the syntax above? The issue is with “When a twitter appears” first input doesn’t see to allow advanced syntax.


Figured it out. Took a bit of testing but was able to get it working and sending notification. I would like to do a bit more with it, but for now got the basics working that I was looking for!

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what about to create a list with the twitter accounts that are posting about your interest (pokemonGO)?


after that you can do an advanced search in twitter for that list.



truth is I've never used twitter before this and have no clue what your talking about, would have to search about it.


Honestly the requirement was this

Any Post by this "account" that contain the following words "pokemon1" or "pokemon2", or "pokemon3" then send a notification.


I was able to get it working by creating 4 Flows, one for each account. Seems like what your suggestion is to create a list containing those account, and create a flow to search the list instead?


I plan to try adding a second condition because I would like to filter even futher and because they include the [Place] in brackets in the tweet, and that would be great to just post when they are close to my area!


Either way got it working and will set this up for my niece and nephew!!!!!

The list was easy to create with the 4 Twitter account. I tried to create a new flow, but got stuck on the condition object value.


Condition Object = ???

Relationship = Is Equal To

Value = "list name"


Am I on the right track? Looked through all avaliable dynamic objects and coundlt figure it out.

search for tweets. The search condition is list:<your_username>/<name_of_created_list>


you can test the search into the search for check if it is working before to apply into the flow.


hope this help.



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