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Two stage approval

I'm trying to set up a 2 stage approval. Stage 1, there's "x" number of approvals, each can go approve or reject. They can also all add a comment. After all 5 of those finish up, I create a second approval process, and sends it to just 1 person. I want to be able to include the details from stage 1, and put that in the body of stage 2 so that person can read "stage 1 approver name - outcome (approve or reject) -  and comments". How can I do this? Can't seem to add all this information.

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Hope this provides some direction.










Thanks for your response, but I fail to see how that helps. I've followed through with your structure, but it doesn't make any sense to me. I get the initial variable to hold the approvals, the approval - but in the stage 2 approvals, how are you putting in each answer from stage 1? If say 5 people were in the stage 1 approvals, how do I get a structure of 


-Bob's answer / Bobs comments / Bobs response ... x5?

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Sorry, maybe I was not clear in my initial question. So 2 stages of approval. Stage 1 goes to 5 people. These 5 people each receive their individual approval emails requesting approve/reject + comments. When these 5 people are done, an approval goes to 1 person with 1 email requesting them to approve/reject - but in the BODY I want to include all the answers from the 5 people in stage 1. This way person in stage 2 can review responses from everyone in stage 1, and (for the lack of a better word) is the MASTER Approver that will then determine where the flow goes. So there must be some kind of looping of responses to capture everyones answer, or else that step wouldn't know which approver from comment 1 to choose from, if not just taking the last person to respond's answer.


If I am understanding your diagram right, then stage 2 person would receive 5 separate emails from each person, which if they approve 5 times will do what I want afterwards + 4 additional times

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This may help, a variable is used to Capture the Comments. The variable can added to the List or Library as well using Update Item and the column would be set to Multiple Line allowing for content to concatenate. 


Solved...Approvals - Multiple Approvers - How to capture all their responses and comments?  


Good Luck...

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