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Two users on a flow filling out forms concurrently



I made a flow that basically works like: Flow is started by a form (by a different user) that includes Person A's email. It sends an email to person A to fill out an MS form then the flow continues using this specific information. This all works great. The issue is if Person B is also completing the same process at the same time as person A.


For example, both Person A and Person B's flows are created and the emails are sent. Each flow awaits for the form to be filled out. Person B finishes first, and both flows now continue with person B's information.


Is there any way that I can have each flow looking for a specific known identifier of a person completing a form and only continue if that person fills it out? It may work like: both Person A and Person B's flows are created and the emails are sent. Each flow awaits for the form to be filled out and will check if the email of the responder and the email (or other UID) that is already known are the same. Person B fills out form first, person B's flow continues on since the emails match. Person A's flow continues waiting for person A to complete the flow.


I have thought about doing this myself, but it is difficult because you cannot really get a UID (that I know of) if you do not use the "get response details" connector after a response is submitted. Once the flow is at that point, there is no way to loop back to "awaiting response" if the emails or uids do not match. The only way I can foresee doing this is if there is a condition afterwards that checks the emails, but this cannot be done indefinitely as far as I am aware. Also I am not sure if the "do until" connector would work for this either.


Is there a way that I can implement concurrency into my flow?


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Hello @mjackson 


The closest thing you can do, is having concurrency on your trigger to only allow 1 flow at a time to run.

Check out my blog post here:

Power Automate – Limit Runs to Trigger One at a Time – Flow Alt Delete – Josh Cook


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