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Advocate III

URGENT - All On-Prem Email URLs in Flows erroring to{UPN}

All of the URLs (even just a link to google) in our Flows using the Send an email notification (V3) the none 365 connector are resolving to a broken link:{UPN}

Does anyone know if we can record this as an urgent fix as it is affecting all of our flows. It has been broken since last week and is causing a major disruption (and total lack of confidence) in our PowerApps services.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Can you refer this thread and see if it is helpful?


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Power Automate Community

Nope it's not. This is something that has become broken because of a change to the connector last week, or a change in how sendgrid is processing links in emails that use this connector.

Can you check below detail from SendGrid? I have also seen this behavior in the past.. Also one more thing to note. Using SendGrid, you can only send 100 emails a day. This is a threshold limit. 

Tracking Settings

Click tracking

Enabling Click Tracking causes all the links and URLs in your emails to be overwritten and pointed to either SendGrid’s servers or the domain you branded your link with so that any time a customer clicks a link, SendGrid can track those clicks. SendGrid can track up to 1000 links per email.


Status - On or Off

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Power Automate Community

But we don't have a sendgrid account and can't control how this connector uses sendgrid?


We are using this connector and it is rewriting our <a> tags to sendgrid addresses:




Unfortunately we can't use the standard mail connector which uses 365 as we only have on-prem mailboxes, but we are pushing to get a 365 box just to use the connector.


I have had to go through every single one of our flows and remove "https://" from every link - which wasn't a quick task.

Following message is displayed when you create connection first time... It uses send grid..


PrasadAthalye_0-1622733295281.png link talks about disabling safelinks. 


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Power Automate Community

We don't have an mailbox though - otherwise we would use the standard connector. So we can't go into outlook settings we have on-premise mail (Outlook 2016) not cloud based.


And why would the links that always used to work just stop working? Who manages the connector? If MS own it they need to resolve this issue, if sendgrid own it they need to fix it.

May be you can open a service ticket with MS.

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Did you end up opening a ticket with MS for this issue?  I'm still dealing with broken hyperlinks in all of my V3 emails.  I find it odd that all of my workflows were just fine until 6/1/2021.  Any update would be appreciated.

I did and a 'Tek Expert' got in touch with me over Teams - that's when we discovered it works if you ommit "https://"  - they also mentioned that sendgrid 'own' the connector part that is broken, so I really don't know when it will ever get fixed and they didn't either.


For my own work I have been through every single flow and removed 'https://' it wasn't fun but at least things are working again - for now!

Has anyone has problems with flows not showing their 'My flows' and 'Shared Flows'? I've also got that issue, I have to use the free version of Flow Studio just to find them!? It's not an environment issue because we only have one environment, our organisation doesn't allow us to create another.

Wow, it does work!  I had to create most of my hyperlinks in html view because the hyperlink button wasn't working a few months ago. Strange that those broke too.  It took some time but they are all working again, thank you for the response!

We haven't had that issue that I know of.  I do know the "Shared Flows" tab doesn't show up until there are some shared with you.  Does one user create all of the flows or multiple users? 

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