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Advocate V
Advocate V

Unable to insert clickable URL in Teams post from Flow Bot

If I use the old "Post to Teams Channel" action, I can wrap a url in the <a href="http://blahblah">Click here</a> html code, but I cannot @ a user using the new <at></at>


So I am using the posting as a flow bot. It does the @ correctly, but the HTML is ignored and it just posts the URL as an unclickable length of text. Even if I am using dynamic data from a Power BI connector, which provides a Tile URL, even that gets expanded into 3-4 lines of text.

Any ideas?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Have you checked the Formatting text content in the Microsof Teams API documentation? Specifically the Examples of text formatting, which mentions hyperlink formatting: 


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Nope. Didn't work. Posted the entire thing as plain text. Smiley Sad



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I'm having the exact same issue!



I added it as an idea here with the tag bug. This seems to be a bug given it converts dynamic content urls added to a flow to plain text. Please vote for it. If there is another place to post about bugs, please let me know.

I assume Microsoft have fixed it because adding the link with the <a href=""....etc in the flow now creates a clickable link in the Teams channel for me.

Los Gallardos

1-Post as Flow bot to Teams Channel with clickable link.png

Thanks @RobElliott . I'll go back to some of my flows and test this out.

Thnk you @Brad_Groux 

This worked for me.

However we will need to put it in the Text Box of the JSON like this:


"type": "TextBlock",
"spacing": "None",
"text": "[text](link)"

Thanks @RobElliott 
I was able to create the link as illustrated and now have a direct link to a new Planner task. I used concat to build the url to the Planner task.

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For me markdown works fine.


[Open Document](

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Hi Ed! I noticed your screenshot had a space between [The Text](The Link). There cannot be a space between the brackets and the parenthesis. 

Work like a charm. Thank you Brad. Now I can insert link inside Flow bot to user message.

hello , 


Have you also tested of this works with send a message as flow bot to an user? 


Because i'm trying the same but it gives me plane text. 


I am also using.  Post a message as the Flow bot to a user


I have been unable to get the link to come thru as well.

At the end this works for me:


Be carefull you don’t have Space between the 2 Parts. 

  • Can u plz share the flow how to use concat to build the url to the planner task

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