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Unable to see "edit in advance mode " under flow conditions

as mentioned in the title, do not have the option to edit conditions in advance mode in my microsoft flows builder. 



does it have anything to do with permissions access? or is there an updated way to access the advance mode ? 

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

That makes sense.  Instead of true/false being returned by the function itself in the old advanced editor, you're just explictly stating it now.  The same functions you could use in the old advanced editor just go into the value field in the new editor.

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Exactly @SCTdan


I created this forum post and a blog on the matter as there is lot's of content out there utilising an expression for the condition.

If trying to implement these since yesterday's changes confusion arises. It took someone implementing one of my processes to draw it to my attention so thought best share the work around.


The more people who become aware of this the better really


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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @kale99,


Previously, we could select Edit in advanced mode then then enter the expressions in a text box. Now, there is no longer an Edit in advanced mode, instead if you want a very complex expression you can use the regular dynamic content expression builder to enter your expression on the left side of the row, then select Equals to and enter true in the right side.


The following blog on Advanced condition builder for your reference:


Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Community Support
Community Support



Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Brilliant, your solution fixed my issue straight away. 

I am REALLY hoping someone can help me out.

What started this journey to advanced conditions is that I was running into a problem where Flow was telling me that it was unable to process template language expressions ( )

All I'm really trying to do is use the value of a cell (Excel table) in my condition logic. It worked once when I wrapped my value in ' ' but for some reason didn't work for the other threshold I added in the no branch. Thus, I pivoted to Advanced edit. 

This is what I have so far, but the error message I get back here is a generic 'Invalid Response'


The syntax I'm (trying) to use are the following

less(float( body('Get_a_Row')?['output'] ),3)

less(float( body('Get_a_Row')?['output'] ),6)

greater(float( body('Get_a_Row')?['output'] ),6)


I linked the aforementioned screenshots of the error message & then the structure of my flow. Trying to use the output of 'Get Rows' for the condition


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How can I do this code without edit conditions? Trying to send a remind email after 14 days.


@equals(formatDateTime(item()?['Nextauditdue'], 'MM/dd/yyyy'), formatDateTime(addDays(utcNow(), 14), 'MM/dd/yyyy'))


Have you tried this?



I've tried but I need the one side to have my desired date which comes from SharePoint.


Example of what I'm looking for:  Send an email to *** after 11 months from the subscribed date.


I can not at all see how to do this with the Condition


@equals(formatDateTime(item()?['Nextauditdue'], 'MM/dd/yyyy'), formatDateTime(addDays(utcNow(), 14), 'MM/dd/yyyy'))  

 Is exactly this:


 I just broke your @equals( ... )  into two expressions:

  • formatDateTime(item()?['Nextauditdue'], 'MM/dd/yyyy')
  • formatDateTime(addDays(utcNow(), 14), 'MM/dd/yyyy')

Pasted each expression in the left / right argument fields of the condition action, and finally selected (the default) "is equal to" comparison option.


Looking closer at your code though; you're comparing some static date from your SharePoint list ( item()?['Nextauditdue'] ) to today + 14days ( addDays(utcNow(), 14) )... Why ?


If all you want to do is send an e-mail after 11 months of some date, why don't you use the "Delay until" action?




If you want to make it recurrent, nest the "delay" action inside a "Do until" loop? Often times there are multiple solutions to a problem, maybe I'm missing something... Anyway good luck to you.

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