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Unsubscribe / Re-Subscribe to emails created from Flow service

If I have a user mistakenly unsubscribes from a Flow created with a "send an email" action, how can I get them to re-subscribe? I understand the send an email control is handled by sendgrid in the background, but having trouble finding how a user can edit their preferences here - assuming I cannot.



Please advise 🙂

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @cwebb0319,


Could you please explain a bit regarding the following sentence?

"a user mistakenly unsubscribes from a Flow created with a "send an email" action," Would it be available for you to share a screenshots here?

If you mean the user is removed from the send to list, we could add it back by editng the Flow:




In addition, check the following reference:

Create a flow in Microsoft Flow

Please post back if I have any misunderstandings.



Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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Specifically, a user who received an email I created and sent to them via Flow unsubscribed using the link shown above. When you click on this link you are given a confirmation screen but it appears no way to opt back in.

Hi @cwebb0319,


Thanks for the update.

Currently I have no idea how to re-subscribe that without re-creating the Flow.

I will discuss this with the others, and if there is any helpful information, I will post back.


Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Same here! Need to be "re-subscribed".
It's not a matter of re-creating the Flow, it looks like we've been "unsubscribed" from Sendgrid.


Se this post in which someone knows how to deal with this:


Permanent solution would be to empower tenant admin to do so.



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Same problem here - user accidentally clicked the "unsubscribe" link but still wants to receive email. How can I manage the unsubscribe list for the "Send Mail" action?

I've conctacted the SendGrid support but they don't want to remove me because the request need to come from the "customer" So Microsoft need to remove me or contact them to do so... 😞
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Hi there !


I've just performed this test, before using it with our customers. 


I was pretty sure somebody could click in that link and unsubscribe the notifications.


And I also could not find a solution. 


Is there an estimated date to solve this ?


Thanks !


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same problem here, do you have any solution for this?


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Same here, I was just testing and pressed the button to see what happens and now I have stopped receiving emails.


This 'feature' is a major step back for us to use Flow. We cannot allow our users to have control over what emails they subscribe to, as these emails are parts of businesses processes...


We all know that users can't be trusted 'Not to press the button' as I've seen being indicated on another post by a Microsoft employee.


There should be a setting in flow to show/hide that message!!


Can this please be investigated? It's a real shame that because of this we will have give up on Flow for sending emails...


How did you add the unsubscribe option? I am looking to add this to some of my flows. 

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Has this been fixed? We dont mind purchasing SendGrid's licenses and activating it for our flow.

Could you please guide us on how to do this?


our company is currently on Exchange, therefore we couldn't use the outlook email flows.




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I am having the same issue. I clicked the ubsubscribe button at the end of the email, then I can't receive any email from Flow anymore. Is there any plan to fix this issue?



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We are using Flow in some important internal company processes such as employment, onboarding, orders etc.

Now, I have the same problem, one of the users was too curious and clicked unsubscribe...

The point is we are sending notifications from Flow / Powerapps to a distribution list, not to individual emails. 

So the whole list is not receiving any notifications from important internal processes!


This is a serious flaw in the design of email notifications in Flow/Powerapps - I can't imagine how come you do not disallow unsubscription in the connector.


The "solution" like asking you to remove from unsubscribe list every time is useless, because this only resolves it post factum - but I can never trust the process now - if anyone unsubscribes the list, we will only notie it after some time, usually by escalation. 

Now I am on the crossroads of giving up the whole idea of using Flow at all.

This is not missing feature, this is a bug, FIX IT!

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Hi, is this feature to re-subscribe to flow email available now? Or is there any other way around to do it? Thanks



I managed to get rid of the link in the bottom of the mail Flow application sends by commenting it out. I forced the mail to be HTML so the body is something like

<p>This is the mail to be sent</p>
<ul><li>...</li></ul> <!-- ' everything here is commented out and doesn't appear in the mail



The exclamation mark part ( <!-- ) removes the latter of the mail contents because it opens a comment block harvesting the footer Flow inserts in the end 🙂 Not sure if this breaks something else but I have been satisfied being able to hide that seemingly interesting yet dangerous link.

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I can confirm that the solution above works a treat. Thank you Juupi.

Just sign in in the given link with you sharepoint account, i am dam sure you will again start receving the email from the flow.


I did it for my organisation and it worked !! 🙂 

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Any help with a wrong unsubscribe of Sendgrid? I want to undo that action opening the link by accident

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Here's a link to have users subscribe/unsubscribe themselves:


Hope this Helps!


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