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Update File Properties error: Could not find list item

Hi all, I am building a flow which:

a) When a new entry is added to a SP list

b) Grab values and insert them into a Word template (with quickparts placeholders in the docx)

I have followed all the steps on this external link -


However my flow fails on the UPDATE FILE PROPERTIES step, each time I see Error 404 - Could not find list item. I am having no luck finding an answer to this online so I am seeking any advice available here?


I have tried:

  • Confirming the ID of the file I created and ID of the file I am updating is the same
  • I have confirmed all 12 custom columns  I am grabbing data for to enter into the word doc are entered as:
    • Site columns in the SP team
    • A Document Library column list
    • As instructed by the link above - another Document Library list - this one holds the word.docx template
    • SP List column list
  • When Updating File, I am looking to the 2nd Document Library mentioned above (As instructed, the one with the temaplte.docx saved in it. I am not sure why the other Document Library had to be created as well).
  • I am successfully grabbing the values and creating the file, but am not able to Update the Quickparts with my List values, seeing the 404 error.
  • I have recreated my flow from scratch, and recreated the Update step many times over.
  • I have added a delay between Create and Update, no change
  • I have checked my permissions and as SP Team Owner appear to have FULL CONTROL


My flow looks like this.

I DO NOT know about the extra two (blank) fields in my UPDATE FILE screenshot, Description and SpecialConditions1unused. I cannot seem to find them in any of the above mentioned lists or libraries. I cannot remove them from this view. Unsure where they are served from to be honest. Can anyone tell me?



Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou in advance!





My error:








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