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Update SharePoint item / Comment transfer to new list

Hi Everyone,


I have a couple questions related to two lists - a working list and completed list - which track responses from a MS Forms.


An item in the working list has columns for:

  • Point of Contact information - email, name, etc.
  • Status - Sent, Pending Review, Completed, etc.
  • Multiple empty fields populated when the identified user submits a MS Forms response; POC information is collected but categorized as "self reported" and stored in separate columns from the POC info in bullet #1 above.

A Flow loads POC data into the working list and sets the item status to "Sent."


Once the item is created, a separate Flow will send an email to the user with a link to the MS Forms referenced above. The reason for the separate Flow is so that users can be set up manually without needing to import data.


The next Flow below brings the user MS Forms submission into the working list. Email and Status are used in the Filter Query since a unique individual ID # is not available.


Question 1: Is it "safe" to update an item from a MS Form in this manner? The main concern is to not update an item in a "Review/In-Progress" or a "Completed" status. Fields populated by the MS Form would never contain data manually entered prior to user submission. (The Flow below successfully runs.)




Once the survey responses are reviewed, the item status is changed to "Completed."


While most completed submissions won't require future action, the occasional response may need to have additional comments added - thus setting item-level security may not be possible (but certainly open to suggestions).


Question 2: Would it be best to leave all submissions in the same list or move "Completed" items to a separate list?


Initial thought was to move items to a separate list to reduce possibility of overwriting. But with this comes the issue of moving Comments as well - and would any mentions be triggered a second time if the Comment was moved to archival list?


So the next Flow runs when an item's Status column is modified, with a Trigger Condition set to read for a "Completed" status.


If the status changes to a completed status (the Since field of the Get changes for an item or a file (Properties Only) is set to 1.0), a new item is created in the second completed/archival list. (Deleting the item from the working list isn't incorporated yet for testing purposes, but would be a simple add.)


The next action that runs is Send HTTP Request to SharePoint to GET the comments and successfully returns Code: 200. The issue I'm having is to send the comments to the newly created item. I have tried with a second Send HTTP Request to SharePoint and the POST Method but haven't succeeded.


Also I've read through: and researched other options but not certain how to proceed.


Lastly, if the answer to Question 1 is that there isn't a concern with overwriting a completed item, then simpler may be better and there wouldn't be a need to explore moving to the new list and the comment transfer with this use case - except knowing how for my own benefit.


Your help is greatly appreciated.


Many thanks, All.


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