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Update Sharepoint list from different view



I've got a flow triggered when new item appears on SharePoint list. After this I recieve an Approval with link to this specific data.


Link provides the path to filtered record fo SharePoint List with possiblity to quick edit or just edit.


Problem that appear while testing is that when I go to this link and I am making some edits on data they saves until start of next step of flow. Then they cameback to old values. 


Is there any option to capture date provided on different view not for next step of flow but for entire run???



Here is a photo of that part of flow:

1. When teh new sharepoint item is created

2. Approval

3. Condition If Approve - update 'Status' on sharepoint list then send mails to IT section.





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Re: Update Sharepoint list from different view


A quick way to work around this issue is to put a condition in your Flow immediately after the trigger.  The condition should compare the created and modified date/time.  If they are not the same, exit the Flow with a control/terminate action with success.




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Re: Update Sharepoint list from different view

Hello , @ScottShearer 


Thank You for Your help and time.


Unfortunately this solution dosen't work or I did something wrong.

I've made same thing like on image that You provided.


My flow looks now like this:

First one is 'Created' second one 'Modify'



Form this condition I always recieve False.


Then flow go to next steps ( i've made some marks to help You understand)



1 - in Approval is link to custom view with fields to edits - provided in Approval . After editing values in link  and saving them new values are in shrepoint list until next step dosen't start.


2 - I think changing values to the old one starts with second if. It looks like the new values dosen't save or ther are overwrited by old ones.


Or maybe is there another solution to update sharepoint list form Approval? 


Edit. I've made some tests and it looks like data that I provide in Appraoval link get reseted innmidietly after end of Approval block.






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