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Update a row: "No row was found with Id



I am trying to update a cell in in an excel file but my flow keeps returning 404 error unable to find the the row with ID....


Here is the flow:



SubString FYI:  substring(body('Get_file_metadata')?['Name'],0,11)


I have also tried just using the folder name as the Key Value, but still no luck.


It keeps falling over at 'Update a row', here is the output:



No row was found with Id '_SCC 200004'.
clientRequestId: af5eb03d-6285-4be8-82d0-0f69a7f14834
serviceRequestId: 5579c7c1-daa1-4dde-a477-354fc57eadd8;79c534e5-3ed3-4d03-a1ca-5714a8850a5f
Here is the excel file:

As you can see it's there in A:5...


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

Advocate I
Advocate I

the bug is definitely not fixed.
And the Compose workaround doesn't work for me.
The rows are simple (unique) Integers in the source as well as in the target table.
Get a row also returns the same 404, with or without the use of a compose

The row headings are integers or the values? If it is the heading the issue may be that it is looking for a string and checking from an integer, in which case you should cast them both to a string or integer because '5000' is not equal to 5000

Advocate I
Advocate I

They are both Integers.
But i also tried Strings by changing the data to tekst.
I even tried a compose to force Integers

Advocate I
Advocate I

Asuming that it is somehow related to the fact that the key column contains numbers and Power automate flows are quite alergic to integers, i devised a workaround, which is not very elegant, but does the job.

I added an extra column to the tables, where i automatically added a character preceding the original key columns content.
So basically the original column says 638 and now the added column says D638.
Of course i Needed to add this in both tables.
Using this column and value to update rows seems to work now (at least it worked a couple of times).




What makes this bug maddening is that it's not consistent. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't for the same exact worksheet. It's not idempotent.


Another issue is that it doesn't matter what the nature of the data is e.g. int or string. It just doesn't work.


Yet another issue is that even something as basic as GetRow(i) or DeleteRow(i), where i is the row index number, also doesn't consistently work.


Until Microsoft finally decides to fully fix this bug (it's been years now), Salesforce is going to remain the market leader for low code platforms.

Advocate I
Advocate I

the robustness of flow code in general is rather dissapointing indeed.
Being marketed as a professional solution, this is getting implemented in business processes.

But in fact it is still far too unstable and unreliable for that.
The word "Power" should be placed between brackets.

Frequent Visitor

This is related to the issue "404 error unable to find the the row with ID", But not the exact scenario as mentioned by the Thread initiator.


If you have unchecked the Header Row check box under table design tab, this issue happens for 1st row.

As a workaround I enabled the header and kept the header text as same color as column name.


Frequent Visitor

Tried this but unfortunately still not working. 

I made a ticket with MS and we found a way to fix it. @MattMack In my scenario I placed a 2 min delay between trigger and the action. But depending on your scenario your solution might be different.

Frequent Visitor

@ Shavora, great and good to know.  Will try that if run into problems again.   I ended up fixing by copying the table and pasting only values in a new workbook and then creating a new table again from scratch which seemed to do the trick.  What's odd is I triple checked the formatting of the key value column to ensure it matched the item I was searching for but still received error.  Not sure what other formatting in the table was causing the problem but the overall table formatting seems to be an important part of getting this to work.  

Advocate I
Advocate I

I don't know what the underlying reason behind the problem is.
But indeed, completely replacing columns or even the entire table usually solves the problem too.

New Member

Hi All,


This my be related to the row that you are querying having duplicate values or empty rows, even if the one that you are querying is not duplicated.


I had the same issue because the table was selecting additional empty rows at the end but once scoped the table properly the excel update a row start working correctly.



Advocate I
Advocate I

That is not the case here, J-M

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