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Update a row: "No row was found with Id



I am trying to update a cell in in an excel file but my flow keeps returning 404 error unable to find the the row with ID....


Here is the flow:



SubString FYI:  substring(body('Get_file_metadata')?['Name'],0,11)


I have also tried just using the folder name as the Key Value, but still no luck.


It keeps falling over at 'Update a row', here is the output:



No row was found with Id '_SCC 200004'.
clientRequestId: af5eb03d-6285-4be8-82d0-0f69a7f14834
serviceRequestId: 5579c7c1-daa1-4dde-a477-354fc57eadd8;79c534e5-3ed3-4d03-a1ca-5714a8850a5f
Here is the excel file:

As you can see it's there in A:5...


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

New Member

I even tried putting '_SCC 200004' as a force key value, but got the same error.

Community Support
Community Support


Hi @jkilby ,


Have you tried using Get a row action for similar tests?

Perhaps this is caused by extra spaces between characters.

Please do more tests.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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Yeah i tried that and same issue. I also tried no spaces and no special characters and it still can't find the row.

I have exactly the same issue and don't understand why. Have you fixed it and understood why? Thanks

Hey @v-bacao-msft, I have the same issue, the difference is that we're getting our value, an email address, from the 'Get user profile (v2)' step. We can confirm that we're getting the value because we can see it in the error message for the 'Delete a row' step.


UPDATE: We've even tried another Excel step 'List rows present in a table', and that queries the Excel table just fine. 


What makes this a terrible bug is that is not consistent. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. \


Is there a roadmap to fix this bug? I'm wondering since this was first reported last January, so it looks like Microsoft isn't planning on fixing it.

Advocate II
Advocate II

@v-bacao-msft, do you have an update?


We're running into the same exact issue and no special characters are in the columns that we've tried.  Unfortunately, the only workaround for us was to create a new row and delete the previous one.   

I also want to update this issue. It's not just UpdateARow that fails. Any functionality that's related to a specific row, like DeleteARow and GetARow, will also fail. It works intermittently, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It makes the Power Apps platform unusable, and it makes us hesitant to develop anything on top of it.


For the record, we're on the GCC version.

Helper III
Helper III

Same issue here! Issue is very inconsistent, it might works in updating 50 rows and failed for the next 10 rows. Hope MS can get this fixed soon otherwise is really hard to start building stuff using Power Automate.



New Member

Hi, I noticed that the row update does not work when the table is created based on whole column (when you select two columns and create table from it), but it works when you select also rows (so that the table is not indefinate at the end). May be it will help you.

This worked for me!


"Get a row" → "Update a row"


I see this as the same issue I've run into coding with C# -- sometimes, even if there's a data check in your script, you have to perform a data check before the script runs.

Same Here,

when I get all row for the file it says that 6002 row exists, if I update 6001 it says that does not exist.


The funny thing is that works on another site (same content).


I'm fed up with power automate already.






Not applicable

Is there really no solution to this?


How are we expected to use Power Automate when it can not perform simple tasks...?

Someone needs to address this. 

Hi, in my case were the headings, I've swapper from only numbers to text

Helper I
Helper I


I replicated your flow to the ID selection and a sample value of "_SCC 200004". 

I was able to pull the value without issue by using the "compose" action and assigning the value to the inputs. Once there I passed the Outputs function provided from the compose to pass the value.





I believe the reason behind this is, is how excel handles data values (try using dates as unique keys and you'll lose your mind since dates are stored as numbers then converted to the format we know i.e. 44648 = 3/28/2022.) Passing the output of the substring into a compose likely sheds any extra data excel/power automate will inject and base it off of the string value itself.





Please mark this as solved in the event of future issues. I also ran into this identical issue by using UTC dates as key values. Even though the dates were identical. Power Automate will use MM/DD/YYYY as a format. where excel passes the numerical value. 


I don't feel that's the problem. In my case, there was unique ID field using ints. It was still an issue. 

Resolver III
Resolver III

I had the same issue, in the original post the column the id was contained in was "SCC Ref" and it will not work with spaces in the Key column name. Just rename the column without spaces and it will work fine.

Ex. "SCCRef"

Super User
Super User

Does anyone have any response from Microsoft about this? Or know the proper channel on how to ask about it? I use Get a row and I am getting very mixed results. I can approach them but I don't know where to...

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 11.39.41.png

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 11.39.13.png


I submitted the bug, which MS routed to one of their contractor teams based in Africa. I was able to confirm this bug for them via a remote desktop session.  I even made a video recording of the bug in action, and we've provide them with the data as well as the Power Automate flow. The end result was that this team refused to submit the bug to MS's development team despite seeing it themselves and having a video recording of it. Instead, they suggested that I post it on Microsoft's UserVoice page. They were completely useless and a total waste of time similar to this MS forum. The only question is was it due to incompetence or not being empowered by MS to do anything? I'm guessing that it's a combination of both.


The last semi-official update I am aware of is that this bug is fixed for the normal, commercial version of Office 365 online. Judging from how this page is still active, I highly doubt that MS has fixed it for the government cloud version of Office 365, which is why I would never recommend migrating to Microsoft's Power Apps platform.

This approach worked for me

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