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Update a row with a dataverse lookup

Hi All, 


Im building a flow which updates a batch of dataverse records using two tables , one called < Organisations > , the other called   < Domains > . The Organisations table has two key columns, one called organisation name the other is a lookup to domains called domains, it reads the domain name field


What I want to do is iterate through all the records in Organisations and where the domain is found to be blank populate it with the data in organisation name in the organisation table.  The organisation name is the same as data found in the domains, domain name table (dont ask why)


Is there a way to override the lookup ? - any help is massively appreciated


flow issueflow issue



Super User
Super User

Hello @flobber ,

before the update a row, you should add the "List rows" action selecting the "Domains" table and search for Name equal to Organization name (please add 1 in the "Row count" field".

Then, in the "Update a row", in the Domain field you have to specify the Domain schema name/the GUID got from the previous action, like below:



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Thanks Marco - I cant seem to get the Odata filter to work in the list rows - im trying DomainName eq 'OrganisationName' as dynamic content and it throws a bad request error 

@flobber please share the flow in edit mode and specify where you’re getting the error.




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