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Update the Title based on a the metadata selection



I want to update the Title column of the newly created item to reflect the term label of a separate meta data column.  Please don't ask me why I am having to do this but it does involve dealing with the limitations of a popular Forms product Smiley Frustrated


Hence,  Is the  best approach to use a Get Items acction and for me to set the OData filter to select field values of the current item  or is there a simpler approach when using flows?



Power Automate
Power Automate

Hi Daniel, what is the data source in your scenario? SharePoint list? Excel?

Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi Barathb

It is SharePoint list. I can see many uses if this solvable inc shadowing metadata columns for in text columns that can act as keys in lookup lists.

Setup two Flows. One will create records on the list and another will trigger when a record is inserted into the SP list, update the title column of the same. Will this work?

Resolver I
Resolver I

Hmmm I am not sure. Can you explain the actions I should use and I will look at this in the morning (as I am in 🇬🇧 ). and I will update this post.



I have re-read this and I am still not sure what you mean. I think this should only require one Flow: On Item or record create, extract the label of the mandatory metadata column and apply to the Title column. 







Can you please give an example of how the record will look like when it is first inserted and after it is updated? Please also give the shape of the data in the metadata column.






I am intersted in when the item is first created


Here I show the


  • Title Column ( for shadowing the meta column)
  • The Policy Type meta colum
  • The termset associated with the list column




Flow issue.pngFlow issue metadata used.png

I am not familiar with the "meta column" concept. Is it specific to SharePoint?


When a new item is created in a Sharepoint list, you have to look up a meta column and update a column within a sharePoint list? Is it possible to store the meta column values in another SharePoint list? In that case, when a record is created in SP List A, you lookup the meta column value based on some criteria in SP List B and update the SP List A?


Or, are looking to query the values in a "meta  column" on a SP List via Flow? I don't think Flow exposes the "meta column" values and that may be the issue here?


We can setup a quick call to get you unblocked. Send an email to and mention this thread. We will take it from there.




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