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Updating Document Library Title HTTP Request



I am trying to update a Document Library name/title via the HTTP Request following the Working with lists and list items with REST | Microsoft Docs 



POST https://{site_url}/_api/web/lists(guid'{list_guid}')
Authorization: "Bearer " + accessToken
Accept: "application/json;odata=verbose"
Content-Type: "application/json"
Content-Length: {length of request body as integer}
If-Match: "{etag or *}"
X-HTTP-Method: "MERGE"
X-RequestDigest: "{form_digest_value}"

  "__metadata": {
    "type": "SP.List"
  "Title": "New title"



I have done this in flow as below; 



But get this error below;




When I run the step without the body i see that I am getting an correct response back from SP..


Any ideas?





Super User
Super User

We can only use the GetByTitle function in a GET action.

You should split your action into two seperate actions:

The first to get the item ID you want to modify using the GetByTitle function,

the second to update the item but with the _api/Web/lists(guid'<guid>') url where <guid> refers to the Id field of the output of the first action.

Hi @shoog 
Thanks for this, I have now been able to capture the ID from the first action, but when i have updated the second action I also still have an error;






Thanks for your time


Super User
Super User

You could modify the body of your request to something like this (please not the single quotes in stead of double), type should be SP.List

  '__metadata': {
  'Title':'<your title here>'


New Member

Hi @shoog 



even with single quotes it has the same error...

Super User
Super User

Sorry for the late reply.

Please revert to the Content-Type header to verbose like in your original screenshot, right now it defaults to basic odata, which doesn't include the metadata tag.

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