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Helper II
Helper II

Updating Multi-select option field in Dynamics

Hello - 


I am trying to build a flow which would trigger when a Multi-select option field (Services) is changed in Accounts. This should then populate the Services field in Contact (child records). Both are multi-select option fields - and the option set is global. 

Couple of issues here: 


1. When I look at my flow run, and on the very first action, "When the row is created or updated", I do  not see the output for Services field. I am using CDS (Current environment) steps.


I have even used 'Get record' after this step to see if any value returns, I do not see it there either. Therefore, nothing goes in my compose step and I cannot use the compose output to update the contact field of services. How do I go around this?


2. I tried the same thing with the old Dynamics connector, that works, but it fails to trigger automatically. 


Any help would be appreciated. 

@abm @Pstork1 


Thank you. 




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @AneeqaPervaiz ,


You can use Get a row based on record id. This will return all the fields. I have checked it on my side and it is returning all the fields including multiselect optionset. If you look at the body of output it has Text value as well.



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