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Updating a records column value based on type and status of another list

For our vacation time tracker I have 3 SharePoint lists. One to hold days available and requested days (list name "Balances"), one to hold requests (list name "Requests") and one to show a calendar of all approved days(list name "Calendar"). When an employee submits a time off for approval, it defaults to pending status in "Requests", and in "Balances" the number of requested days increases by the value designated in the record "Requests". It will also show the requested dates in the "Calendar" list.

What I am having trouble with is when a submitted time off is marked as rejected in "Requests", I would like the number of requested days in "Balances" to go back down by the value designated in that request. I would also like the rejection to trigger removing the record from the "Calendar" list. A second issue to this is that there can be 3 types of requests made with a designation of either Vacation, Personal, or Other. Each of these has their own record within the "Balances" page so the rejection would need to look up both the value and the type of rejection and update the appropriate record within "Balances".


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