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Upload application/octet-stream Data To An HTTP Endpoint via a JSON POST



I have an API interaction that is receiving an application/octet-stream that provides a URL for said data.


I would like to now POST that data somewhere, how do I achieve that with the HTTP connector in Power Automate?


In my example I'm using DropBox's API, but this could be any API.


I have requested a file using their Temporary Link request, and I am now wanting to uploading it to DropBox (which, again, could be anywhere) and have been given an upload slot using their Temporary Upload Link request.


All I now need to do is send the data on the provided URL to the URL that they have given me. How do I post data using Power Automate?


I might have a lead in an unrelated StartPage search, if it pans out, I'll post the answer here.

EDIT - It wasn't what I thought ... I tried this in the body and it just created a file with that text in the destination. Grah



  "content": ""



EDIT 2 - Do I need to fully form the JSON message in the body section?


So, for example, I have a URI that is bespoke each time, but here's a made up example:


I've got the header for Content-Type set as:





I just don't know how I push the data from the URL previously fake listed, so now I'm wondering if I need to mess with the JSON itself and create it from scratch. There's a few posts about creating it and putting the Content-Type in the Body with a dollar symbol ... Is that the direction?

Should I be doing something with:

data-binary @ 

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