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Using Flow Bot with Manual Trigger - No Flows Found

Hi All,


I am attempting to use the Flow bot in a Teams conversation to take the conversation topic and create that topic as a task in an associated Planner board. For example, this process would be:

  1. Team members have a conversation in a Teams channel.
  2. They decide there is more work involved so a Planner task is needed.
  3. Using Flow bot, they would run a Flow doing something like: Run flow 2
  4. This would grab the subject of the conversation, a link to the conversation, and create a task in the Planner board for that team with the title and the link to the conversation.


I am just in the early phases at the moment, but for some reason, I can't get the bot to detect any flows using the 'Manually trigger a flow' trigger.


When using flows where the trigger is a schedule, such as the flow below, it is detected immediately:



With the result of List Flows (Option 2 being the correct flow).



But as soon as that same flow is edited to use a manual trigger (specifically, "Manually trigger a flow", it is no longer detected by the Flow bot:



With the result, immediately after the flow is saved:



I can confirm that nothing else changes except the trigger. But for some reason, despite saying it can run any flow that "manually triggered with no inputs", it is not detecting this flow.


Is there something that I am doing wrong so that the flow bot is unable to detect the flow? As you can see, there is no dynamic content there as some other topics have found. Additionally, when manually running the flow, I can confirm that it works as expected and I am receiving a Teams message.


Thank you very much for your support.




Advocate II
Advocate II

@AshtonM  did you ever find a solution to this?


From what I can tell from the flow blog that the bot links to the bot only works with schedule / reccurence

"The Flow integration in Teams also includes a Bot that enables you to run manual flows. Currently, this is limited to flows that run on a schedule, with support for all manual flows coming soon."


But I mean this blog post was written in January 2018 and now we are in the later stages of 2020 and the bot says that a manual trigger can be used. If it doesn't work I am curious why they do not clarify the bot message then. I am also stuck not getting this to work at the moment. If you got it to work I am interested in how 🙂




Edit: I found out that if you use anything from the trigger inputs it won't be listed even if it's just the useremail of the user who triggered the flow. So this does not work for my usecase atleast since I wanted to take action on the trigger event

Thanks for that super helpful reply, @tcvall86. Definitely reassuring to know I'm not the only one having this issue but unfortunately I haven't got it working so don't have anything to share, sorry.

I've asked a few colleagues who have quite a bit of experience with Power Automate but they haven't found an answer either. If I find anything, I'll be sure to update this topic.


Hope to hear some comments from the community.


Thanks for your help and insight.

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