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Responsive Resident

Using the Do Until Function

Hi all, 


I am trying to build a flow that emails an approver, then waits until a field on the item is changed to "Published"


I'm trying to figure out how to use a Do Until function, but I can't get it to do what I want. 

In SharePoint Designer I would use a Wait for Field Change in Current Item


Here is my Flow configuration:


But it does not pause. The field is still not equal to Published, and yet I get that email and the workflow completes. 




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ SylvieLet17,


Could you please share a full screenshot of the configuration of your flow?

Could you please share more details about the sharepoint list and the “status” column?

How long or how many times would the “Do until” run in your flow?


I have made a test and the “Do until” would work well on my side, the screenshot of the sharepoint list as below:


The “status” column is a choice type column with value “published” and “unpublished”.

The screenshot of my flow as below:


The first value of the “Do until” would fill in the “status Value” dynamic content of the “Get item” action.

The default limits of “Do until” is only run 60 times and an hour, you could click the “change limits” of the “Do until”, leave the “Count” field blank, and set the value in the “Timeout” field, the PT720H in my flow means the “Do until” would run 30 days before times out, you could refer to link below to learn more about the ISO 8601 data: 


When an item is created and the “status” column is “unpublished” and the column is still not equal to published, the flow would keep running  “Do until” 30 days before times out.


When an item is created and the “status” column is “unpublished” and update the column to published after some minutes, the flow would run successfully as below.








Alice Zhang

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Hi @SylvieLet17,


We can use pausing for seconds/minutes in flow in below manner: "Initialize Variable" from actions and name it

2. select type of this variable string

2.Select value as "addSeconds" from expression

3.expression/formula for addSeconds should be like this:

      addSeconds(utcnow(), 20) 

4.Select "Delay Until" from actions

5. Add this varaible in delay until.

6.Find Image for details , hope this helps:


Chandrashekhar, Emerson, Pune , India.

Change Limits. Perfect. I was trying to figure out why it wasn't running 70 times. Thank you!



When I leave the "Count" property blank, the Flow never gets past the Do Until--even when the property that is supposed to trigger the Do Until is changed.  How can I make it so that the Flow doesn't time out for 30 days?

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @SylvieLet17 I have similar situation, were you able to resolve this? if yes, could you tell me know this can be implemented? below is my case. 


I'm trying to implement simple process on MS Flow, I have a flow which gets all records with status 'Open' and should send email until status changes to 'Summitted', but loop doesn't end even when status changed to 'Summitted'(flow keep sending emails for Summitted records), I tried multiple ways but no luck( below is current design).






Thank you


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