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Using the System Update Method in a Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint to update a taxonomy field

Hi, All.


I am following this blog by Mikel Svenson to update a managed metadata field using MS Flow and the SharePoint HTTP Request action without triggering an event:


The following is what I placed in the body. 

<Request xmlns="" SchemaVersion="" LibraryVersion="" ApplicationName="Javascript Library">
        <Method Name="SetFieldValue" Id="4" ObjectPathId="3">
                <Parameter Type="String">ContentStatus</Parameter>
                <Parameter Type="String">Pending|f267472a-1a88-4d35-b179-e54c7b040002</Parameter>
        <Method Name="SystemUpdate" Id="5" ObjectPathId="3" />
        <Property Id="1" ParentId="0" Name="Web" />
        <Method Id="2" ParentId="1" Name="GetList">
                <Parameter Type="String">/sites/xxx/SitePages</Parameter>
        <Method Id="3" ParentId="2" Name="GetItemById">
                <Parameter Type="Number">@{triggerBody()?['ID']}</Parameter>
        <StaticProperty Id="0" TypeId="{3747adcd-a3c3-41b9-bfab-4a64dd2f1e0a}" Name="Current" />

If I don't use single quotes around the taxonomy field choice Pending|xxxGUIDxxx then I get Error Info: null in the output with a status code of 200 but the field is not updated.  If If I place single quotes around the parameter (which I know is not correct), I get "The given guid does not exist in the term store":

"ErrorInfo": {
      "ErrorMessage": "The given guid does not exist in the term store",
      "ErrorValue": "23,ContentStatus",
      "TraceCorrelationId": "0990f19e-80a1-0000-41f2-e62db381e24a",
      "ErrorCode": -2130575155,
      "ErrorTypeName": "Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldValueException"

EDIT: This works for a text field but not managed metadata.  I need to be able to update the item's taxonomy field without creating an infinite loop for my client.

EDIT:  I have tried 'Term|xxxguidxxx;' and Term|xxxguidxxx; and just Term|xxxguidxxx (which I feel should be appropriate) The GUID is correct.  

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @mmmiller ,


Please find if the following blog could be helpful for your scenario:


This blog could be a reference as well:


Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Have you @mmmiller  (or anyone else maybe) been able to solve this? Given the end note by Mikael Svenson:

Note: I have not dug into how to set for example people, lookup and taxonomy fields using this approach, but it’s certainly doable and you can check the network trace for JSOM/CSOM calls if you are developer to see what is actually being sent.

I guess updating a metadata field might need another data type than String in the Parameter Type=""? Or is it just a question of finding the correct way to reference the metadata tag? Or are there more changes needed to get it to work?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi. I think i figured it out. You need to update the hidden field e.g. Fieldname_0. But that cannot be referenced by the name itself but only the static name. You can find the static name for example with SharePoint online browser:



So the xml in above example would be

<Method Name="SetFieldValue" Id="4" ObjectPathId="3">
<Parameter Type="String">m7c4f705de6b440a9dd704afa238c201</Parameter>
<Parameter Type="String">Ekonomi|f4d31f9f-9165-4167-814c-e0d5b3cc4b67</Parameter>

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