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Situation: My flow takes a request (forms response) ->sends for approval -> (once approved) sends out form #2 for assessment. I just ran into a situation where if I make 2 requests back-to-back, and approved both it sends me 2 assessment forms, like it should. But the issue is that once I complete 1 of them, it automatically saves that information into the second form as well cause they are both pending. How can I work around this?

Super User
Super User

Hello @ay2 

Could you provide more details about how your flow is working? Screenshots of the flow actions (expanded) and from a run (expanded)?

That way we may be better able to help you 🙂

Kind regard, John



Here is the problem area i'm running into. So in the screenshot I have parallel branching to send an email to each department to complete a form (unique to that specific department). Next step is waiting for a response to be submitted - get those responses, and update my tracking sheet (sharepoint list) with their responses from the form.




However as explained in my initial post, If the approver before approves 2 forms at the same time (done before this step), then of course this flow runs twice. 2 emails to the forms would be sent to each department. Whenever they would complete EITHER of the assessments, both instances of the flow would take that first response and run with it. Obviously not what we want as each request is unique, and they would likely have different answers. Is there a way to identify which email is for which request?

Hello @ay2 

Thank you for the information, this makes it clear on what is your issue.

First off, you are using the forms trigger, that should never be done!

Second, you have no way of identifying which request belongs to the item.

Third, yes, with 2 form request back to back, samme issue as in second.


You should reconsider your solution! Please describe the process that you have implemented as this flow, why there are three forms requests (purpose of these), and any other information you can think of related to your need.

That may help us fully understand the need and assist you with a better solution.

Kind regards, John




I appreciate the response, although I don't quite understand what you mean when you say "I shouldn't be using a forms trigger".


So my flow is intended to automate a "change request" process. It starts off when someone wants to request a change in a certain product, which is done on forms. Questions like "what is it", "why do we want to change it" , "what do you want to change" etc.


Once they submit this forms request, I use the approval actions to request a board to review this request. If they approve this change, certain actions will need to be taken to implement the changes.


This brings us to the problem area we are currently discussing (Shown picture). Once approved:


There will be "x" number of emails sent out to the different departments. In the picture, I just show 3. The reason for this is because we want to know the IMPACT of what this change means for that particular department. It sends each department a form, they fill out the form to inform the company of what kind of impact this change requests from that department.


In total, that is what I want to implement, and where I am at right now in my process. As explained, if there are 2 separate people that make a change request at the same time, and if the approver approves both of them, 2 instances of the flow kicks off, and each department will be sent 2 emails linking them to the form they need to fill out. And as explained, the instances don't care which link they click on, the first response they submit, both the flows will take that response. I need to know how to separate these

Hello @ay2 

Thank you for the information. I have tried to draft how your processing seems to be 🙂 Feel free to correct me!

I have 3 flows for the process, 1 form and two lists!


The form is the first one you have in which a need for change is submitted. A flow triggers on the entry being submitted and registers the entry in the first list "Change requests".

Flow.AY2.1.Change need registration.jpg

The newly registered entry in the "Change request" list triggers the 2nd flow. As the entry is in draft state, approvals will be requested from one to more people as needed. All must approve to approve the entry.

Flow.AY2.2.Change request changes.jpg

If the entry is rejected, nothing further will happen with this entry.

If it is approved, then the state is changed to Approved, which triggers the flow again. This time the flow will register x number of entries in the 2nd list "Impact queries" (all linked to the change request entry). The change request entry then is moved to state Impact queried.

Due to the entries being registered in the "Impact queries" list, the 3rd flow is triggered.

Flow.AY2.3.Collecting impact queries.jpg

Every entry in the list is at first in state Draft, which results in an email being sent out with a link to the entry, so that the recipient can fill out the entry with the impact information - and the entry moves to state Informed.

The recipient can then mark the entry as finished (Yes/No checkbox) when the needed impact information has been entered. Only when that checkbox is checked, will the entry move to the next state Completed.

When the entry is completed, it will count the number of impact entries for the same change request and count the number of completed impact entries for the same change request. When they are the same, then the change request is moved to state Impact collected.

I have not finished the 2nd flow, as I could not see what then should happen to the change request with all the impact information gathered.

Anyway, hope this will help you onwards 🙂

Kind regards, John


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