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Helper II

Wait for field change in list

I swear I asked this question already and if I did I do apologize in advance.


I have an InfoPath form that is saved to a forms library and I have a flow that process through the steps.  My issue is that it is processing through ALL of the steps and not waiting for the status field to change based on a booleen approval field.


Additionally, when i click the field to say it is approved it triggers it as denied that wierd in itself.  What I am looking for is a way for the workflow to wait until the Approved/Denied field is checked before moving on.  I have looked through the forum and cannot find a solution that looks like it would work2019-06-04_8-42-10.png2019-06-04_8-42-35.png2019-06-04_8-42-55.png2019-06-04_8-43-14.png2019-06-04_8-43-31.png

Super User
Super User

@Ruenells "My issue is that it is processing through ALL of the steps and not waiting for the status field to change based on a booleen approval field." From what I can see you've got nothing in your flow to tell it to wait for the status field to change on approval. I suggest that you use a Start and Wait for Approval (V2) action and follow that with a condition that if the Outcome is Approve then do the rest of the flow.

Los Gallardos
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@RobElliott  do I need to change my form and responses to match what is showing in the condition you suggested?

@RobElliott I realized after I tried your solution that it wont work because I need to register the approval/denied within the Infopath form.  So now i am back at trying to figure out how to get the "wait until this field changes" back in the flow.


Any suggestions?



HI @Ruenells 


Were you able to resolve this? Can you share the current flow configuration? 

No I am still having issues.





Can you share information on that? A screenshot of the issue so that we can better assist you?

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