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Web UI Flows: Download PDFs or files from web and then upload or email

Hi, I would like to create a Web UI flow to download PDFs from a website, and then email or upload those files. I've got the robotic process automation to make the steps to click several steps on a website to download a report, but I'm not sure what the next step is, in terms of how to interact with that file to email or upload it.


A little confused because I make the UI flow from my own machine, but to call the UI flow from a regular flow, it interacts with a different machine?


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Dual Super User III

Here's the way I would do it.

1) Flow UI to access the Website and download the file to a folder being synced with a folder in my OneDrive.

2) Have a Flow that kicks off when a new file is uploaded to that folder in OneDrive (I need to test that sync will actually fire the trigger.)  Have that flow email the file if that's what you want to do.


The UI flow can run attended (on your machine) or unattended (on another machine or VM).  The unattended requires a specific add-on license.  The attended version will run on your machine where you have the on-premises gateway installed.


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Sounds like a great solution.....but i cant get it to work while Selidium IDe seems to reset the download location when it starts.

Default download location is something like: "C:\Users\userName". I changed it to a OenDrive location. and I tried that with both Chrome and Edge browers attanded and unattended.


The flow works seemlessly but it is being downloaded to the "C:\Users\userName" location everytime and not to the OneDrive folder 😞

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Same. Anyone resolved this (automating where files download)? Would like to use UI Flows and Web Flows more, but this is a major limitation.

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I found out that Seledium does not look at the browser download folder settings but at the windows download location.


My solution:

Change the windows download folder location to your OneDrive folder location by opening an explorer window and right click on the downloads folder. In the dialog that opens then click on the Locations Tab. Change the value there into to OneDrive folder path that is synced by the client.


The OD syncclient does not run though while you are logged out from your Windows machine and account, so for an unattended flow the file can be downloaded but is not synced.


The second flow that fires-off when there is a new item in the onedrive folder and does something with it will never start. Unless you do thew magic and have a taskplanner (schedueled windows task, ondrive synclcient in this intance) that runs every once in a while and starts the client for you intiating the sync to the ondrive servers and therefore triggering the second flow to start.


This all did the job for me. Hope this helps you!


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