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When Item is modified update item infinite loop



Step 2 Workflow emails the level 2 approver when the level 1 approver changes a field titled "L1 Decision" to "Approved". Once the level 2 approver responds, it emails the submitter to notify them of the response. It also updates the record with the level 2 approver name, decision and comments. This flow works fine. 


Step 3 Workflow emails the emails the submitter when the level 2 approver changes a field titled "L2 Decision" to "Approved".  This flow is successful but keeps running from the point of  sending an email to the submitter and even shows the response as blank in the email I think because the Condition is seeing the last Update Item as a change even though I specified that I am only interested in executing the action if the L2 Decision field has changed. 


Can anyone tell me how to stop this loop?








Community Support
Community Support

Hi @brandt3 :

Firstly,let me explain why you encountered this problem.

The point is that the the action triggered the trigger.So this flow is always executed in a loop.

Secondly,If you want to remove this self-loop, the only way is to add a judgment condition.

When flow is triggered by itself for the second time, it is judged whether the value of the calculated field is equal to the target value. If it is already equal to the target value, no update is performed. If the item is not updated, it will not trigger the trigger again, and the flow will stop the loop.Something like this:


I think this link will help you a lot:

Solved: Create and modify list item - avoid infinite loops - Power Platform Community (

Best Regards,


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