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When a file is created - how long until it wears off?

I have been having a problem.  It has taken forever to sort it out.  I was finding extra Flow actions taking place "after the fact".  It turns out, when I turn on a flow that has a Sharepoint "When a file is created" trigger, if I have copied a file to a location earlier, it uses that as a trigger, even though the drop into the library occurred prior to my turning on the flow.  How long do I need to wait to turn on a flow, after a library document has been created, so the flow does NOT trigger when I turn it on?

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Advocate III

Hi @martinav,


can you provide more specific Information about the process so we can provide you any solution.


See below scenario if it matches your Process.



Step 1: When an Item is Created (Trigger) 

Step 2: Further actions of the microsoft flow.

Note: if you talking about this than the Problem is 

1. turn off the Flow.

2. Than we create some files or Items in the List/Library.

3. Once you start the Flow it'll start the Process of all created files simontaniously.


Hope you'll find your solution.




Hello @Dev_Nikhil, and thank you for your reply.


This is the scenario.


I have two flows.  Each one knows how to handle a different type of file.  This is part of a data migration.


Flow 1:  Triggers "when a file is created"

Flow 2: Triggers "when a file is created"


Step 1:  Flow 1 - ON, Flow 2 - OFF

Step 2:  Drop files of type 1 into gallary. - wait for flows to complete.

Step 3:  Flow 1 - OFF, Flow 2 - ON


With no further action, Flow 2 executes on the same files dropped in Step 2.  How long do I need to wait to turn on Flow 2, so it does not trigger?


Or, are you telling me that the flow "remembers" what is new, and when I turn the flow on, it processes everything anyway?

Hi @martinav


As per my Observation when we Start any Flow or when we first time Save the Flow it'll automatically runs if it finds the trigger correctly.


flow in backgrounds always checks for the process or the Trigger progress. As per the plans microsoft flow's check runs conduct continuesly.






It has been my assumption, that the flow will execute if "on" when the trigger occurrs.  It appears that even when "off", when turning on a different flow AFTER a trigger has occurred, it will trigger.  So, perhaps the deeper question is...  Does the flow trigger occur from time/date stamps, compared to its "on" date time.  Or, does the flow trigger only if it is "on" when a trigger occurs.


With my observation, the trigger occuring PRIOR to turning "on" a flow, will execute even if it was "off" when the trigger actually occurred.  I was assuming there was a timeframe after the trigger that I needed to wait to turn the flow "on".


What is strange, I have been testing these flows now for over a week.  I have dropped several thousand files into the library in my tests.  Yes, this is a very elaborate migration, pulling data in from several sources.  I would have noticed if this was happening with that many files.  I just started noticing the extra flow runs happening starting yesterday. 



It appears my worst fears are true.  I waited almost an hour.  I turned one of my flows "on", and it triggered on files added while it was "off".  This is a tremendous problem for me.  This has the possibility of destroying data totally inadvertenlty.  I have to completely think through my entire migration scheme, after thinking I was finised after over a WEEK of work!


Is there a setting somewhere to have the flow ONLY trigger when they occur, when the flow is "ON"?  This is the only thing that will save about 60 hours of effort!

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