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When a quantity of an item goes to zero, send email reminder.

Using Power Automate, I want to make an email reminder whenever the overall stock-on-hand of any item in my Business Central ERP reaches zero. I am of a low coding / non-development background that would like to be able to take advantage of this tool to produce repeatable actions.


I have created the trigger "When a record is changed (V3)" and selected the environment name, company name, API category and table name easily as well as the condition fork placed after the trigger step. (Will change to a production environment once this testing has been done successfully)



The part that I was stuck on was the part that reads the inventory field in Business Central for an item card.


How do I set a field from the item card into this condition?


On my plan, I have set up my condition so that:

  • IF (for each item in Business Central where the Inventory field reaches 0) THEN (send email reminder).
  • ELSE, (terminate / do nothing / return null).


I have created the destination action forks which I will need to figure out how to accommodate and identify which items has run out of inventory.



This is the field that I am attempting to pull into Power Automate at the moment.



Any help is much well appreciated.


Accepted Solutions
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Between "When a record is changed" and "Condition" I believe you need a "Get Record" - that will give you the field Inventory:



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Between "When a record is changed" and "Condition" I believe you need a "Get Record" - that will give you the field Inventory:



Thank you for this. This is what I was looking for.


To distinguish that the item being updated is something we don't intend on selling anymore from what my company is intent on selling, is there a way to look into a particular item's item ledger entry and check if it previously had an inventory greater than zero on yesterday's date?


This is so that people receiving this email is not getting spammed with emails from products warning that there is no more left that are already discontinued/inactive from sales.



My attempt so far is to create another "Get Record (V3)" step that points to the item ledger entry table which uses the row ID "body/id" and adding an additional condition AND that uses Posting Date value is equal to addDays(utcnow(),-1)


Unfortunately, I am getting a 404 Not Found error at the Get Record step from this.



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I don't think you can use the Id tag to get the Item Ledger Entry. the ID tag is the unique reference to the item in the table. Every Item Ledger Entry has its own unique tag.

I think you should use a Find Records function instead:



And then use an OData Query to find , wether or not it has records.

Thanks for that.

I have revised my flow so that I am using "Find Records (V3)" now and used the Filter Query "postingDate ne null" to check whether it has item ledger records or not which as a result functionally works successfully.



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