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When an HTTP request is received - exporting data breaks trigger

Hi all - 

I'm writing a flow to use with a slash command on slack based on the "when an http request is received". I'd like it to do two things - create a calendar event and post a message back to slack.


Parsing out the variables I'm looking for and posting back to slack works absolutely fine.


The problem is when I add a step to create a calendar event, it throws the error that there's an issue with my flow's trigger. The error message is just BadRequest.


What am I missing here?

Troubleshooting steps I've tried:
I've added a 1 minute delay to the flow (without the event creation step) to see if it was a timeout issue. Ran fine.

I've replaced the calendar event step with pretty much every data export-ish step I could think of - filling an excel sheet, sending an email, posting a slack message. All failed.

I removed all variables from the event creation and attempted with just hardcoded values. Failed.

I've put the event creation step at the end of the flow, after the http post step back to slack. Failed.

I've put the event creation step in a parallel branch. Failed

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Can you please add your flow picture?
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Sorry for the delay here!



Did you ever solve your problem?


This thread suggests a work round of posting a second HTTP trigger from the first having mapped the request's parameters into a JSON body (yuk!). 

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Thanks for this suggestion! I'd backburnered it but will give this a shot. I'm new to using http so was wondering if all "export" had to be done using the http action, especially since posting back to slack using the http action works but trying to do it with the slack action does not. I'm just not entirely sure how that would work for outlook. From my understanding of how flow is supposed to work, I'm not sure why that would be the case, though, and I'm assuming this is an issue with MS Flow.

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