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When an existing item is modified running too many times



I am trying to make a flow that updates a SharePoint field 'Time Completed' with the time that a Choice field 'isComplete' is set to 'Yes'. For example, if I set a task to completed at 1.30pm, the flow would update the 'Time Completed' field to be '1.30pm'. 


The issue i'm having is that the Trigger (when an existing item is modified) starts when I create a new item as well. I have figured a conditional workaround using a hidden sharepoint field but I'm worried about reaching my flow limit as this is going to be a long task list. 


Is there a workaround? Thanks!

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Re: When an existing item is modified running too many times

@Anonymous- To the best of my knowledge there is no action that will run only when a file is modified.  The work around that you are using is what most people would suggest.


I defer to the Microsoft people on this, but I believe that the number of runs is counted across your organization and not on an individual basis.  So, while you may have a large number of runs, the quota is calculated not on you individually, but on your entire organization (number of licenses X number of runs permitted).  Once again, that is my understanding but I defer to Microsoft staff on this.


Finally, you might want to suggest that an trigger be added that fires only when a document has been changed. You can make that suggestion here.



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Re: When an existing item is modified running too many times

Hello, @Anonymous!


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