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When creating a flow to create list item only response ID shows


I've read lots of posts about this issue, but haven't seen an answer yet. Sorry if this has been done elsewhere though. 


Basically, I am creating a flow to add an item to a sharepoint list when a form is submitted. 


I've done:


1. When a new response is submitted

2. Get response details





Now when I go to 'create item' I have the following issues. 

- Title isn't a field in my form, or in my list so I don't know where this is being mapped to

- I can select the correct response details for a few fields but as you'll see from the image when it comes to user need, or business need all that shows up is 'response ID' which is odd because I am able to add that field to 'requested by', just not the actual one it relates to. 

Any help would be hugely appreciated. 



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @jakeom86 ,


Could you show me a screenshot of the your flow?


I did a simple test and can get the dynamic content of the Form fields , please refer to the screenshot:







Best Regards,

Jessica Gu

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @jakeom86 be default all the SharePoint lists will have a Title field which is mandatory. Once you have create some fields in the list, you can remove the mandatory settings of the title field. Regarding the form response, use the action Get response details to get the form response and by using the output of the action try to create the list item.


Hope it helps, please like it or mark it as a solution if it resolves your clarification or issue
-Sudharsan K...

Thank you. 

I already have 'get response details' as the second part of the flow. 


The issue is that for some fields (in my screenshot 'Your name') I am able to actually bring in the correct response, whereas for others the only content available to me in the flow is the response ID itself - which just brings in the sequence number of the response which is useless for the purpose of the flow. 

Hi Jessica, 

Here you go: 



The first part which is just out of the screenshot is just the 'when a new response is submitted' bit at the start where form ID is defined. 

Basically, there seems to be no way to bring in 


- user & business need (set up on form as 1-10 rating) but only available content to add to flow is 'Response ID' 

- target date  - on form as date selector but only available content to add to flow is 'Submission time'


Potentially certain types of form fields aren't supported by lists. If that's the case it would be good to know and I'll just revert to using excel. I already have a similar flow to create rows in an excel table that works fine. I thought lists would be an improvement, but if I can't bring all the info in I'll just forget about trying to use that program at all. 

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