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When event added, updated .. Send email.. Too many "false" triggered emails

I am using "When an event is added, updated or deleted" I have tried the standard and V3 to send an email when something is added, updated, or deleted on my calendar.  The problem is it sends an email a few times a day for all future events.


I don't know what is triggering this flow but I now think I am getting false triggers.  The event triggers at odd times and usually really early in the morning or really late at night.  I have given other access to my calendar but I find it hard to think that every day someone randomly changes all my events when I don't see any changes.


Does anyone know how I can add some checks to this flow to only email me when the event is actually added, updated, or deleted?


Is there a way I can see who changed it?

Is there a way to figure out what changed as the emails are "updated" triggers.  Maybe I could compare and only trigger email if date changed.


The reason for creating this is I travel and I have customers assigned to days on my calendar.  The scheduling people sometimes forget to notify us of an addition, update, or delete on the clients to see during the weekly travel.  This is setup to quickly give me a notification of any customer changes in close to real-time.  This seems to work, but now I am getting multiple emails a day saying all my future events were "updated" which has kind of defeated the purpose of this flow.






Community Support
Community Support



If the flow is triggering when you don't expect it, you can open that flow execution and look at the Outputs of the trigger. This may give you an idea of why the flow was executed.


The trigger "When an event is added, updated or deleted (V3)" allows you to use Trigger conditions, perhaps you can leverage this functionality.



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I don't see anything obvious as to why or how this last event was triggered or what user triggered it.  I am wondering if my outlook is doing something weird because I do see that the last modified time was 2020-12-01 13:54 UTC which is when I received an email for all my future calendar events saying they were "updated".


I am going to try setting the reminder to "none".  I don't know what else to try.  I just want to get an email when an event on my calendar is moved, updated, added, or deleted.  It seems like this functionality would be built-in and working.


Advocate I
Advocate I

Same problem on my side. As i see, every time someone accepts invitation, that triggers the Flow with actiontype 'updated'. I assume, also something with regular events triggers the flow. Unfortunately, in the output of the trigger you cannot actually see what was updated, to limit somehow the trigger with conditions.


It will be nice to extend the output or parameters of the trigger to have possibility to specify, what kind of updates you are interested in. In my case, it is only changes of start or end time.

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Hi @jmhuff - did you ever sort this out? I have the same problem as you as I've written a flow which adds a 'wrap up time' meeting after each of my meetings. Because I only wanted to add this to accepted meetings I included the 'when event added, updated...' trigger and a check for responseType=accepted. However, like you I see a heap of triggered events, often at a weird time like 1am in the morning for no apparent reason. As @ASH4EVER says, with no indication of what triggered the change it leads to hundreds (in my case) of unwanted triggers.

Ideally if there was even just a variable which informed what parameter had changed - this would then allow you to refine when the trigger is run.

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I have no idea how this isn't a bigger issue for folks. Would love to leverage this trigger but it is incredibly noisy with no way of sorting it out.

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Hi, I have the same issue here, a lot of unexpected "updated" events from the "When an event is added, updated or deleted (V3)" trigger. That creates a traffic jam in the running task and real updates are going to be executed with delay.

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