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When file is created in specific folder, send email to folder 'owner' based on data in SharePoint List

Good Morning,

Currently I am working on Power Automate flow where after uploading file to specific folder, email will be sent to folder's 'owner'.

This is actually a one of multiple other parts of the whole process and I cannot find solution for it.


This is how whole process looks like:

1. New item appears on SharePoint list (done - list already exists and works for all users)

2. Create a folder with specific name in library (done - working as expected)

3. Update list item with link to the created folder (done - working as expected)

4. When file is created/uploaded in folder (from step 2) -> send notification to 'folder owner' based on information from SharePoint list (one column contains e-mail address) <- this is the step I struggle with most.


Thank you in advance for any tips 🙂


Super User
Super User

Are you creating a folder in another document Library? If yes, you will have to write another flow on that library that runs when a new file is created or modified trigger, and send an email from that...

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List and document library are on the same SharePoint. 'When new item on the list is created' triggers new folder in /Shared Documents/ with specific folder name (<Folder Name>):

SharePoint List with link to created folderSharePoint List with link to created folderCreated folder with filesCreated folder with files


<Folder Name> is created based on some inputs of list's record and link to that folder is pasted back in one of the columns of existing record. I am using currently test folder and list but the whole concept is the same.


When somebody creates file in this particular folder, flow pulls information from SharePoint list (owner's email) and sends notification.


How to make it talk to each other? 



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Just wanted to share the solution. It seems to be working for me fine. This is what I did:

1. Trigger: 'When a file is created (properties only) in specific Library and Folder path

2. Get Folder metadata (File identifier - Folder path from previous step)

3. Get items (from Sharepoint list, ODATA filtering for Folder ID (from list) eq ItemId [Get folder metadata referenced]

4. Filtering Array from outputs of Get items by 'owner's email'

5. Stripping down array-dependent/email string incompatible characters to proper email format

6. Send email - using output of #5, plus custom body



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