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When to add connector Format Number (to add more digits) within the flow for data in a table in excel file/ csv. file?



I'm learning Power Automate and have a project to complete that needs some help. I built a flow as following:

1. When email received with excel attachment

2. Push notification in Teams channel

3. Create excel file in Sharepoint

4. (Manual intervention) Clean-up excel file and saved

5. (Manual intervention) Move excel file to a different designated folder in Sharepoint

6. Create Table

7. Create csv. file


I need to add connector Format number using Format D8 to make the employee number to be 8 digits (requirement). However, I tried to add this connector between #6 and #7 or even in the beginning of the flow at #3, it did not work/ reflect the result of 8 digits employee number 😞 could you please help where I can utilize this Format number connector within my flow?


Thank you very, very much!





Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Question: Do you need to generate the employee number, or does the employee number already exist but you need to pad it with leading zeros so it is eight digits long, or something else?


If you need to pad it with leading zeros, this post will show you how to do that:


Although, when the csv file is opened in Excel, those leading zeros will be truncated. You cannot really add numbers at the end because how will you know what numbers are valid as part of the employee id?


Hi @David- 

Thank you very much for sharing the link, I shall test it and give you feedback. The file already has employee number and I only need to pad it with leading zeros so total digits become 8 digits. Yes, now that you mentioned, I completely neglected the fact that when csv. file is opened in Excel, the leading zeros will be truncated.

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