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Why does this only work with OneNote business?

I have office 365 and it's attached to my personal email. I can't use any interesting features for this service because I have to authenticate by logging in with a work or school email. What's the point then?


I have a school email, but we use google instead of microsoft.  I have office 365 through my work., but if I create a flow or do anything with that account I lose it when I leave the company. I don't want to invest time in something if I'm going to eventually lose it. For example, if I make a class notebook for OneNote and move that notebook outside of my work onedrive, I lose all class notebook features and abilites. I can't manage this notebook, add users, or anything. So again, what's the point? I don't see why restricting everything to a work or school account is even a thing.  I bought office 365 with my own money. I got a discount because I'm a teacher, but I can't even use the software's features.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi borbs727,


I am not sure why you are saying that you will lose it when you leave the company.

I assume that you are using Office 365 in your work, and Microsoft Flow is an online service, as long as your account exists and you can connect to Internet, you will be able to use Flow on your side.

And once a flow is created, it will be triggered when some changes have been made on your data source, then the corresponding actions will be executed, such as send you an email notification.


Reference documentations:


Please have a try with Flow. You could show me your scenario, then I will help figure out a flow to meet your requirement.


Best regards,
Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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That's my point though: As long as the business/school account exists I have access, but when I leave the company/school the account won't exist anymore. So I'm assuming that any OneNote business notebooks, flows, or anything else tied to that account will be gone.

I did a test with a OneNote class notebook. I created it using my company account, then moved the notebook onto my personal OneDrive. Once I did that I lost all features and abilities.


Going along with the "one" mentality, I'd expect that as long as a secondary account (school or work account) has access to features, those features should be usable on my personal account. So when I inevitably lose those features tied to the secondary accounts, I would lose them on my personal account as well. I could get those features back or have them indefinitly by paying for office with my own money; At the moment I'm doing just that, I'm paying for office 365 university with my own money becuase I'd like to have these features indefinitely. Obviously when/if I stop teaching I'll purchase without the discount, but until that happens shouldn't I be able to access all the features I'm paying for on my personal account? The only thing stopping me from using these features is that my personal email isn't a work or school email. There's no incentive for me to invest any time into the tools and features offered through these secondary accounts because I'm just going to lose them when I leave those companies/schools.

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I agree .. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE that Microsoft is not supporting non-business OneNote users with an Office 365 Home account.  I guess they think that all home users are idiots even though IFTTT, Zapier, and others can somehow magically support it.


It's possible and no big deal, however, Microsoft doesn't care about non-business users.


I'm in a company STUCK using Google G Suite for the first time and am having to use my personal O365 account ... which turns out to be a waste.

I want to use this to automate a lot of my personal life. I am a complete OneNote addict. All my private info is on my personal account which i am paying for. Has anyone found how to use flow to push emails etc into OneNote?

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