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Why my flow output is saying it is filling out a field in my sharepoint list, but the field is actually blank in the list?

Hi all,


I have created a flow with the following settings;

  1. When a new item is created in SharePoint: In the settings I have a Trigger Condition - @equals(triggerBody()?['Unplanned'], true
  2. Condition: If Unplanned is equal to true - this is a Yes/No column with default value of No.
  3. Update item - this changes a few status values and switches the Unplanned column to Yes, and adds the "Created by DisplayName" content to a Person column called "AssignedTo". I also have a column called "AssignedToEmail" which is supposed to contain the user email of the person creating the item, so that in another app, the task will be assigned to them when they log in.

There are two apps affected by this flow, a Management App, and a User App.


My issue, is that based on my Flow output, all these fields are being filled out correctly, and in my Management app, the AssignedToEmail field is also showing the correct value. SharePoint, the one column not showing any value is the AssignedToEmail, therefore, my User App is not showing any tasks.


I have tried to use a second update item based on a condition (If AssignedToEmail is Null, then update item) so that hopefully the flow recognises that the field is empty and therefore fills it in, but this hasn't worked.


The only solution I can think of is to have another flow triggered by the first one based purely on updating the AssignedToEmail field, but I am really hoping to avoid this as I don't want the data being updated to be too delayed for the user who submits the task.....


I can share screenshots if needed.


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @BrendanZ1,


What's the type of the AssignedToEmail column?

You could share the screenshot of the Flow run history and Flow configuration, I want to check the status, thank you.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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@v-litu-msft the AssignedToEmail column is using the email information that is associated with whatever User is listed in the AssignedTo column. I have another process where I am using flows to update job status whereby they take the DisplayName of the person listed in the AssignedTo column and populates the AssignedToEmail field. But in this case, it is another user who would be assigning the tasks to the other users and they work fine.


In this instance I am trying to get whoever raises a new job task, to also be automatically assigned the task to them. I wasn't sure how to get this to work as far as the appropriate dynamic content so I went with:

AssignedTo - Created by DisplayName

AssignedToEmail - AssignedTo Email


Below are some parts of the flow after being run - please let me know if I need to capture other bits as I didn't want to flood you with a heap of screen shots.


This first one is the outputs and the second image is the inputs taken from the update item section.

As per below the output shows the AssignedTo email with an email in there (correct as far as what I am hoping to do).

All of the content in each field relating to my email/user details are mine, so there is no mix up with other users. 

flow issue 1.png




flow outputs.png

Hi @BrendanZ1,


Thank you for your screenshot, so the AssignedTo Email column is an independent column, either a calculated column or a field of AssignedTo column.

So the reason for the AssignedTo display is caused you not make the column visible, please following these steps to make a column visible:Annotation 2020-04-28 175526.png


Annotation 2020-04-28 175615.png


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

I have done a bit more digging and the only difference I can see is the following;


Firstly my flow is working and producing emails in the AssignedToEmail field, but not for all users and I believe this has something to do with the active directory source.


On the output of my flow, when I assign a task to a user who has Windows Server AD as their source, it produces the users email and therefore populates the AssignedToEmail field. The users it doesn't work for are those with the Azure Active Directory as their source....

So my IT guy is working to change this and if this rectifies the issue I will report the info back here.

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