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Word Online (Business) and Image content controller


I am trying to add an image stored on OD into a Microsoft Word Template (Image Content Control) during a Flow, but I always get an error in Flow: "Action 'Populate_a_Microsoft_Word_template' failed". It says that it's not a valid PNG/JPG file.

According to the documentation here, the value of the param for Image Content Control should be:

{ "$content-type": "image/png", "$content": "iVBORw0KG...i/DhQmCC" } where the content is the base64 encoded image.

So what I am doing is to read my PNG file into a variable and encode it with base64():


I then use the variable in my Populate a Microsoft Word template action:



I tried both with single and double quotes
{ "$content-type": "image/png", "$content": "........." }
{ '$content-type': 'image/png', '$content': '.........' }
but I always get the same error.

I also tried to find some examples on the web, but found only examples for Plain Text Context Controls, not for Image Content Controls...

Any ideas? Thx!






Helper I
Helper I

Ironically I just used this answer for another post as well.  Today in the Flow of the Week the post showed an example of using an image control in Word and inserting an image from Flow.  You can find the post here


Be sure the image control in Word has a name, then in Flow you just use the Get file content action and on the create Word action, that control should appear in the action to populate from your Get file content action.  Hope it helps!

Not working for me. I get message as "This picture can't be displayed" in the word document.




Hi ,


First of all create a variable of type object and set the value as :


  "$content""base 64 string"
As described in msdn site the word document template needs to be created.  Then after populating word template it needs to be saved . In my case I tried saving in Sharepoint using Create File action.

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