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Work request form to Flow to Trello assistance



I'm trying to connect a Microsoft Form to Microsoft Flow to Trello so that a new card is created everytime a work request is made.


1. Is there a tutorial for this kind of setup somewhere?


2. I have a question early on in the form (2nd or 3rd question) with 15+ options, all leading to different paths within the form. However, I can't figure out if I can repeat questions for multiple paths - e.g. "What is the title of your project?" - to pull that info in Flow and post to Trello, or if I need to break it out per path, e.g. "[Project1] What is the title of your project?"; "[Project2] What is the title of your project?", etc.


3. How do I set up Flow so that it pulls data from a Forms submission? It looks like it needs to make a call somewhere but the JSON is confusing to me. I'm not tech-illiterate but I have no idea how the JSON language is constructed. If there's a tutorial on this that would help a lot as well.


If I could just get these three questions answered, I think I can figure out the rest. I greatly appreciate any support provided.


Kind regards,


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @sammyr,


If you want to connect a Microsoft Form to Microsoft Flow to Trello so that a new card is created everytime a work request is made,please create the form in the Microsoft forms and the add the trigger "When a new response is submitted" of Microsoft Forms connector,and the add action "Create a Card" of Trello connector.


For your question 2 and question 3,could you please explain more details about it?please share more details so we would try to provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,


Hi Alice,


Thank you very much for the assistance.


I was able to answer some of the questions I had myself, but need your assistance in regards to the image below.2018-07-23_1009-Flow-Pathing.png

What I am trying to create a set of if/then conditions that will go through all of the options on a particular question, and have a separate path for creating a Trello card for each option.


For example:

If the question is: What would you like to eat?

And the answers are:
[_] Pancakes [P]

[_] Eggs [E]

[_] Bacon [B]

[_] Waffles [W]

Add a condition where the answer to the question contains a unique identifier [UI]


IF YES: create new Trello card using information from the form submission

IF NO: check the next response for that question


Using this example, it would look like:


What would you like to eat? contains [P]

IF YES: create Trello card to make pancakes

IF NO: check the same question to see if the user chose Eggs [E]


IF YES: create Trello card to make eggs

IF NO: check the same question to see if the user chose Bacon [B]


I am trying to sort the data submitted to the form based on the answer to the question "what would you like to eat?" so that a different Trello card will be created depending on the answer given.


I hope this makes sense, but if not please let me know and I will do my best to clarify. 


Thanks again.


Kind regards,


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I may have figured it out, but if you wouldn't mind confirming for me I'd appreciate it.


Under the Condition,

YES: Create new Trello card based on answer

NO: Add a condition to check the same question for the next unique identifier in the list


For example:


Condition: question contains unique identifier [P]

YES: Create new Trello card for making pancakes

NO: Next Condition


Condition: same question contains unique identifier [E]

YES: Create new Trello card for making eggs

NO: Next Condition

etc etc


Thanks again,



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In building out the flow as described, it looks as though I'm limited to 7 conditions - anything beyond that, I'm not able to choose actions for YES or NO. Maybe I'm building this out incorrectly. That being said, the question I need to create conditions for currently has 12 options and may go up to 18, so hopefully there's an answer to this that I'm unaware of.


Thanks again,


Regular Visitor

Thank you for the expedient response. "Switch case" is the function I was looking for. This is closed.

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