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Workflow approval when a file is created



I am very new in Power Automate and I am trying to create an approval workflow for AP invoices. What I want is:

1. when invoices are added in a folder (submitted folder), I want those to be attached to an email and sent for approval.

2.Then, post a message in Teams Channel advising about the submission and with a link to all the invoices.

3. If the outcome is approved, move the invoices from the folder "submitted" to folder "approved" + reply in the same message posted before the outcome of the approval.


Is this possible? Cansomeone help me building this? I tried a thousand time but I am facing problems.


First, I receive a message for each uploaded invoices but with the attachment of all invoices. Also, the attachment doesn't appear in PDF format, instead in a strange format.

Second, a message is posted for each invoice uploaded in the folder instead of one single email with all the links. Also, not sure if I can add a link for all invoices or if the system only allows to add one single link. Does anyone know?


I would be so grateful if someone could guide me with this


Thank you





Helper III
Helper III

Hi @mbodero94 ,

Have a look at that, I am not sure weather you are looking for same or not but you can change.











And I have these 2 folders in SharePoint.


Approval Email with attachment



Teams channel




Note that, this is only for one file. The flow will run for each file that you upload in the Files folder. If you want it to run for all files and just one email then a little bit of change would be necessary. The trigger is When a file is created so it will run for all files one by one not at once. 
There is a trigger When a file is uploaded in a folder maybe you can use that. 👍


Frequent Visitor

Hi @Ramiz ,


Thanks for your response! However, I am looking to attach more than one file and run this workflow with various files. If I choose the workflow called "When a file is created in a folder" then the other steps I had in my first workflow should remain the same? Or how would I need to change it?


Many thanks for your help

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @mbodero94 


I think, you should use a Recurrence flow maybe after every 5 minutes that checks if files are present in the Uploaded folder start the process. In that way you will be able to loop through all the files present in the folder.

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