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Working with the same field name in Parse JSON

I have a for each that runs a HTTP GET flow that for each "tck" value, it returns a response that contains fields having the same name, but different values.







HTTP output:








    "id": 12344,
    "t_id": 9864,
    "u_id": 796,
    "type": 1,
    "id": 12345,
    "t_id": 9864,
    "u_id": 3456,
    "type": 3,





So I have 2 "u_id's" for each "tck" output:


Type 1: 796

Type 3: 3456


Then I use Parse JSON. When I transform "u_id" parameter into a variable, it returns:






variable input with u_id / body







 As "u_id" contains 2 or more values, "u_id" output put these together. In this case, I just want to get the "u_id" output from "type 1" (796) HTTP response/Parse JSON instead other "types".


Tried HTML to text, but since "u_id" has between 3-4 numbers, HTML to text won't work as expected.


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