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Yes/No true condition not working as expected



In my flow I am using Microsoft Forms as the trigger. The form has various Yes/No fields that populate corresponding yes/no columns in a SharePoint Online list - these populate fine.


 I have a couple of conditions where one checks whether a specific question is answered and if so it starts an approval email on the "If Yes" section of the condition - this seems to work correctly.


However on the "If no" section, I have another condition that checks the "true" value for several questions on whether they have been Answered Yes or not - if they have then further down anohter approval workflow starts and if they've been answered no, then the list is item updated with a status of Completed and the flow ends. 


I have added a Compose action above this condition to get the output of Q1 - the config for this is below:




However, when I run my flow, the Compose shows "True" for Q1 - this was ticked as "Yes" in Microsoft Forms!

But in the Condition below, this the output is "False"!!??? It seems bizare as this shoudl be outputting as "True".


For reference, the below is what should happen based on the above condition. If Questions 1, 3, 10, 15, 21 OR 23, 25, 27, 29 and answered as Yes/True then the condition should branch to the "If yes" section. Otherwise, it should branch to the "If no" section and end the workflow.


Any help with this would be appreciated as I'm pulling my brains out here!


Super User
Super User

Hi @sudosaurus,


Just had a quick look at your condition 3 action. I am reading it like this:

If Questions 1 OR 3 OR 10 OR 15 OR 21 AND 23 OR 25 OR 27 OR 29 is equal to true go to If Yes 🙂


So, in that case I would say your expression would only result in a true/go to the If Yes if one of the 23,25,27,29 questions is also true (besides the Q1 one).

Happy to help out! 🙂

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