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do not send an email to specific users



I'm trying to amend a working flow so that it won't send replies to itself and end up in a perpetual loop.


The current working flow is

"When a new email arrives (V3)" - When a new email arrives to or CC ""

"send an email (V2)" -

To sender -  using the From dynamic content

subject - thanks for your email

body - your request has been logged etc. 

from - the mailbox that has been sent to


And that is it, pretty simple stuff and working.


NCR 001.jpg


Today someone with sending permissions for "" has been sending mail to "" which has sent the reply, which has triggered another reply and so on.


So now I want to stop this type of behaviour. This has led me to add a condition in place of the '"send an email action"


Now my flow looks like this:

"When a new email arrives (V3)" - When a new email arrives to or CC ""


Using Dynamic content "From" is not equal to ""

↓ if Yes "send an email (V2)" as above

for if no I've added no action which to me means nothing will occur


NCR 002.jpg


The trouble is this has not stopped the response from being sent.


I'd like to know if there is any way I can stop the flow from sending emails to the address in the "When a new email arrives" rule and any other email addresses I may wish to add in the future as I can't see any other exception type option?


any help you may be able to offer me will be gratefully received for what may be a simple fix.


Many thansk

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Super User

Hi @TheGrouchyITGuy 


You mentioned it has stopped the response from being sent since that condition is added. Yes it will be for that address. Can't you filter by Subject? If someone had permissions to send to that email then there is no way you could stop that unless adding a filter in the subject to decide what to do next?



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Hi @abm.


thanks for coming back to me so quickly. In my post, I've put that adding this condition has not the reply from being sent.


With the condition, I've used which is From - is not equal to - "" and adding the response to the yes side of the condition has resulted in the email still being sent to "".


I've tried the reverse using From - is equal to - "" and adding my reply to the no section but the same has occurred. Whatever way I try to add an exception I'm getting an email sent to "" by ""


The mailbox is a shared mailbox so we can't stop remove the send as privileges to the delegated users.


I can't try to filter by subject line as my stakeholder wants to ensure that every email sent to this mailbox gets the reply and our users will reply to this email and not wait to be contacted by that team as we all know that users can do some daft things.


I hope that better explains what is going on and what can be done to stop these replies from being sent to specified mailboxes?


Many thanks

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