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Helper IV
Helper IV

evoke credentials to use http request action

I have a manually triggered flow that makes a http request to a child flow.   This works well for me because my account has been provisioned with a license for the Premium connectors.   Unfortunately, other users that need to use this flow do not have the same licensing.

Is there a way to evoke my credentials in the flow to run the Http Request action?

Community Champion
Community Champion

If you have a parent Chile Flow situation, you can use Run a chile Flow action ... Child flow should have a trigger 'Manually trigger a flow'. You can also pass parameters...



Then you can configure Run only user context settings in all the flows to run in your connection context... 




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Power Automate Community

Thanks  @PrasadAthalye!   I'll try this option.  I'm a little confused as to why the flow doesn't work for others in its current state considering I have an HTTP request in a flow initiated by a PowerApps.   This one runs the flow under the user context of whoever filled out the PowerApps form, makes the HTTP request call with no issue.....

Hi Prasad,

This did not work out for me.   Running the Parent Flow from the SharePoint list button fails every time the button is clicked.   Now I am experiencing the same issues the end users were experiencing, in that the flow is not called at all from the SharePoint list.

Is the Parent/Child flow option possible to do via a SP list button?

Helper IV
Helper IV

I wanted to provide more detail.   My use case requires multiple lists in different sites to trigger my parent flow at will, which will then run through my child flow's logic.

I have created a solution and recreated the parent and child flow.  The flows themselves work as expected, however, I no longer can trigger the parent flow from my SharePoint list button.   


The following is true of the parent flow:
- It is an instant flow that needs to be manually triggered.  [Is this possible bc some doc says instant flows with manual trigger are not allowed in solutions, however, I was able to successfully save it in my solution?]
- There are no connections associated with it.

Here's the parent flow:


The button in the SP list returns an error when I click on the button that says:  Cannot run flowName.  flowName failed.   There is no instance of the flow running in PowerAutomate to investigate further.

Look like some confusion. Only Child Flow needs to be invoked manually not the parent so that Parent can invoke child.


If you wish to run parent flow from within the list manually, then you will have to change the trigger of parent flow to 'For a selected item'



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Power Automate Community

As explained.. this trigger does not work for my use case.  I actually need the Manual Entry trigger for the parent flow because I will not know which site the information is coming from in advance.  When you use SharePoint actions. you cannot set the site url dynamically..  The list is deployed on several sites throughout the site collection.

Hence why I used the HTTP request initially in this case.   Is there a way to trigger the flow from a SP list button without having the site URL hard coded in a SP action?   The list is created adhoc when someone submits a form via the PowerApp canvas app which provisions a site for them.  I won't know when a new site is going to be created or what it will be called... And this way also defeats the purpose of having a parent flow because then I'd have to create the parent flow who knows how many times.

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