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far too many decimal places in calculated list data (noobie- be warned)



I've just started with forms SharePoint and power automate, and I've been having a stab at converting some of our daily reports to SharePoint forms and using power automate to generate an email.


so far i have a form that takes the infomation and pushes it into a list via another flow that works fine.


in that list, I've some calculated columns to work out percentages.


again so far so good.


when i use another flow that creates an email and drops these values into a HTML grid i get the info sent fine but for one problem.



the first 2 columns should be currency so should be £0.00 etc, and the last column is a percentage with 2 points so 0.00%.


I've figured out it's because of how the flow is seeing the figures and have seen about converting to floats, but i really am struggling to figure out how. 


can anyone point me in the right direction on a good starting point on this or even better talk me through how to get this working?


thanks in advance.

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Kinda figured some of it out.


For the percentages i read that using calculated columns can be problematic and reading that post further lead me to use this.


formatNumber (mul (div (float (triggerOutputs()?['body/ARResult']), float (triggerOutputs()?['body/ARDrop'])), 1), '0.00%''en-GB')
ARDrop is the first at the top and ARResult is the top second.
this gives me something like this


but trying to get the other 2 bits to show as as currency is still eluding me.


formatNumber (float(triggerOutputs()?['body/ARDrop']),0.00,en-Gb)
formatNumber (float(triggerOutputs()?['body/ARDrop']),c2, en-gb)

 keep throwing invalid errors

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Nevermind lol i was forgetting the ' ' bits

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